Should I upgrade my 10 years old earbuds?
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Jul 4, 2010
Hi everyone,
I'm a noob when it comes to music accessories. I've only owned 1 pair of earbuds my whole life, the Sony mdr-e829v which I got around 10 years ago...

I thought they sounded great at first, and I still do because I have nothing to compare it with. I would probably be using these for my whole life, but I suddenly wondered if earphones nowadays would really "wow" me. If anyone can tell me how IEM's in the $50-100 range compare with these old earbuds, it would be great. I just found my headphones on Amazon, and hey, they don't seem too shabby at all lol.
I've looked through a lot of comparison threads in this forum, but I still don't really know what would suit me. It seems that RE0, Brainwavz M2, and Hippo VB are all strong contenders. I listen to instrumental music, ballads, and pop music as long as it's not too loud. I'm assuming that means I should look for something with good trebles? But I still like beats, just not really heavy ones. I hope you guys can clarify this for me.
I would mainly be using these headphones with my laptop and psp if that matters.
I appreciate any insight and suggestions.

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10 YEARS?????
Well, for the $50-$100 range you would be better off with in-ear monitors, instead of the earbuds... It will have much better quality. You can even get some ADDIEM's which are apple's version of IEM's and they are not too bad.
I would recommend a pair of used monster turbine pro's, Shure SE series, Westone, and Sennheiser. you can get the lowest version of their IEM's, and they will sound amazing! (at least some will).
GL with your search!
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I wouldn't recommend a used pair to someone who's new to the world of IEMs.  With the budget you have, you can get phones that are much better than your earbuds, and more importantly brand new. You may first need to get used to the deeper insertion of IEMs.
Required readings for any beginners.
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you should really try the klipsch image s4, they sound great! and if your sony's lasted for 10 yrs, then the klipsch will last at least for 7 yrs, and 70 bucks is not too much money!
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$50 - $100 : the sweet first step of those stumbling into the quicksand of iems.
Good luck!
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If you do not like shoving things inside your ear canal if it is not necessary, you could go with earbuds from either Yuin, Sennheiser or AKG.
The Yuin PK series is widely acclaimed. Starting with the PK3 for around $40. The PK2 costs around $80 and the PK1 around $140.
The new Sennheiser MX series starts with the MX580 for around $40. The MX880 costs around $80 and the MX980 starts from $200.
Then there is the AKG K319 which costs around $100.
The new Sennheiser MX series is supposedly better overall than the Yuin PK series which has dominated the earbud market for the last few years. I am myself looking forward to getting the MX580 and compare them to my PK3.
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Wow amazing.
If I had one set of headphones for so long, I'd lose it, I don't know how many earbuds I have lost.
well know you better try something new. you may not like in-ears though

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