Should I sell my Shure SE 425's?
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Jun 17, 2015
Hi guys, 
I have been a reader on this forum for over 2 years and just decided to make an account. 
I've had many IEM's and since a little over a year ago I bought my Shure SE425's. 
When I first got them, I loved them, and since a few months I have been having some doubts about whether to buy different ones or not. 
I love the mid's, just miss the bass a bit. 
So 2 weeks ago I noticed the right earplug didn't give any sound anymore and the left one sounded a bit faded. I send it all back to Shure and they just provided me with both new (sealed) earplugs.
I am now not sure if I am going to unseal them and use them again, or whether this is the time to upgrade. 
I am originally from Europe and I am in Boston for 6 months, so I didn't bring the original packing and extra foams. I only have the cable, Shure zip holder and 2 new original foams. I do still have the receipt in my e-mail. 
What do you guys think? If I'd sell them I'd probably get around 200 USD for these new ones, while I bought them in Europe for way more. I don't necessarily mind that, but to what ones should I upgrade? I noticed they did win in their price range in 2014, so is there a better option for me?
I appreciate your input. 
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Jan 30, 2011
  • Have you thought of simply EQing the bass up a bit?
  • If you're looking for some reasonable options around the USD 200 mark - I'd look first at the dual and triple nybrids.  For a relatively well balanced sound sig - which is tunable - my first recommendation would be the Trinity Deltas (

    Next would be the:
    Fidue A83 : (
    DUNU DN2000J : (
    DUNU DN2000 : (
    DUNU DN1000 : (
It all depends on what you want to spend, and what you're looking for sonically.  All the Hybrids will offer you better bass because of the use of the dynamic driver.
Of all the ones I've listed for you - the Trinity Delta (IMO) offer the best value to performance ratio.

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