Should I repair my Proceed DAC and Transport?
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I can no longer think this through clearly and would like opinions/judgements.

I have owned my Proceed CDD/DAP separates(DAC and transport) for 13 years and they are my main source for CD playback. The drawer needs to have some bushings replaced and the DAC has a buzz that I'm guessing is from caps getting old. Repair is most likely for both in the $600 range. My question is should I go ahead w/this? One camp informs me that these are really well built(by Madrigal-Proceed being the cheapo line if you could call it that) and that I should keep them. They maintaining even though DAC's have moved on technologically that the sonic improvement will only be minor w/new. The other camp stating that anything new is going to be a big improvement. I couldn't replace these w/new for a while or I could begin by selling my Mark Levinson 38 preamp and buying a DAC w/a volume control. I've over thought the whole deal and have no audio buddies that are not online. Help and thanks.

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Ask a friend to borrow some CDP or DAC (say in the $600 - 1000 range) and see whether the Proceed actually stand up to the test of time. If new DAC or CDP is better then don't bother with the Proceed, but if result is similar then you could consider repair. However, there is another question you need to think about, that is after 13 years would you not actually want a change of sound? But if the Proceed totally beat the new CDP or DAC then repair seems reasonable.
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What is the dac chip it uses?

Some of the older ones are very well thought of and no longer produced.

That would help me decide if I were you.

Well built is a good thing, and often hard to find!

Are you happy with the sound?
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I don't necessarily agree that newer players and DAC chips are better than really good R2R ladder chips. It appears that this uses:

PROCEED DAP 2 x AD1864N-K – PMD100 – CS8412-CP

I'm not familiar with the 1864, but the AD1862 is one of the most well thought-of DAC chips there is. The PMD filter chip is quite good as well (and HDCD).

The transport appears to use a Philips CD-Pro (VAM 1252) mech, which could be a problem. I would definitely look into whether a replacement is available and how much on that.

As mentioned, compare it to a modern CDP or transport/DAC and see what you think.
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