Should I move to the M-100, from the M-80? The M-80s leak too much sound with dubstep/trance/etc
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Apr 24, 2010
I work at a start-up and it's fairly quite at times when we're crunching away. The problem is, the M-80s which arrived in the mail today are fantastic, but they *do* leak sound. Enough that I believe it will be heard from the cubes around me. 

The way I tested it was simple. I put the sound level to the level I prefer listening at, then I cupped the two cups together, and I could still hear the base and vocals ( i listen to trance/dubstep ). It seems to leak from the vents of the headphones.
It's really unfortunate because I *love* the way these headphones sound. So I'm thinking jumping to the M-100s makes the most sense... though they are significantly more expensive ($150 vs $300) or perhaps I should just get a pair of in-ears :frowning2:
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Nov 25, 2011
I had the M-80, and stopped wearing them on the bus for this very reason.  I recently bought the M-100 (which I like sound of better), and they are barely heard with volume around 60-70% Not sure why it's different being that they both have the vents. This past week, a guy sitting next to me was trying to get my attention, and when I took the headphones off, he was surprised that what he heard (Truth - Evil In The Woods for reference) wasn't coming through.  That's been my experience, and I am more than pleased with the upgrade. 

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