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Should i go for the Senn. HD 1-ii ?? Or Shure SE215/Klipsch Image S4 ?

  1. elmonster
    I currently have marshall major headphones for portable use but find the clamping very hard and cant use them for very long since i have glasses and ear rings and the force from the headphones makes my ears hurt .And iv gone through many IEM's but none seem to fit my ear canals (mine are very weird shaped) so iv heard so much good about the HD 1-ii im thinking about buying them as they seem to fit everything i want ( comfort,durability,fairly good isolation,great sound ) Or sound i try the Shure SE215 IEM or Klipsch Image S4. You guys have any other options for me ??
  2. shamrock134
    I'm not sure the HD25 would be much of an improvement in the comfort department. They don't really go well with glasses and also have a vice-like clamping force for some.
    Personally, I don't find the clamp too bad, but there is no way I can wear them with my glasses on.
  3. elmonster
    Alright well that's good to know because I don't want to take my glasses off when I have the headphones on especially while traveling .so maybe ill go with an IEM of some sort.maybe ill try both the shure se 215 and klipsch s4 as together they are they same price as the hd 1-ii
  4. JamieTheSonger
    I'd personally go with the SE215. I haven't tried the HD1-II's but between the Klipsch Image S4 and SE215, the SE215's easily prevail.
  5. elmonster
    alright !! what about the tips for the shures they come with foam tips right ? 
  6. JamieTheSonger


  7. elmonster
    thanks man !

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