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Should I get an E9 or go for a different amp/dac combo...

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by georgestorm, Sep 14, 2012.
  1. GeorgeStorm
    As above,
    Am replacing my soundcard (essence st) with an external solution since my new motherboard doesn't have any pci slots (and because I'm thinking of going mitx in the future)

    Picked up an E7 last week intending on getting an E9 to go with it, however prices in the UK are higher than I thought they would be (everywhere cheap seems to be out of stock :frowning2: )

    I'll have my DT 770 250ohm pros, and a pair of SOLO6Cs plugged in.

    What would people recommend? I'm open to going for a different solution (seen a Hippo CriCri+ in the classifieds which I believe would be a suitable replacement? ).
    Would it be worth spending more and getting something like:

    Or an Audio-DG Fun?

  2. KT66
    why use the E7 on its own?
  3. GeorgeStorm
    Do you mean why not?

    Only using the E7 on it's own at the moment since I've got nothing else.

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