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Should I buy the Asus Xonar DX or the Xonar DS?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by denon2010, Aug 2, 2010.
  1. Denon2010
    I had the Asus Xonar DX but I sold it cause i needed the money.
    I used to own a Denon D2000 but sold it and got back my old Senn HD555 from the same guy.
    But now I am using the HD555 with onboard and you can really hear the nastyness in onboard audio.
    So therefore I need to buy another sound card once more.
    One problem. Money I don't have. I just bought a radeon HD 4870 used and my credit card is gonna max out soon
    the xonar DS is only $50 on amazon with free shipping
    the Xonar DX is $80
    I can't justify if it would be worth the $80 I mean I had it and it was AMAZING. Sounded like heaven but I never used the dolby licenses.
    I want you guys to tell me what does the Xonar DX have that would make it worth the extra $30
    I only use my sound card for listening to music and playing games
    Please help me guys. I really like the price of the DS but if its not worth it then it makes no sense I buy it.
    the headphone AMP on the xonar DX worked perfect for me without any external AMP. Well perfect for my HD555 anyways the denon d2000 was dead and needed an amp but I don't have that again anyways so not like it matters.
  2. Dalamar
    See if you can google up some RMAA measurements comparing the two? I don't think there would be a terribly large difference though.
  3. Denon2010
  4. Denon2010
    I really wanna know the difference in sound quality really.
    The DX is 116 DB SNR  while the DS is 106
    and has cirrus logic and some kinda opamp
    I will be using a senneiser HD555 and wanna know if the extra $30 for the DX would really be worth it.
  5. Dalamar
    DS seems to be a bit better than onboad, the DX should be a bit better than DS (probably inaudibly IMO), so it's up to you if the difference is actually worth it.
  6. genclaymore
    not to mention the ds has a replaceable op-amp socket wheres the Dx doesnt. incase you decide to go roll op-amps that way you dont have to desolder it to do it.

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