Should I buy the AKG k553 mkiis or k371s for the office?
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Jul 14, 2016
I listened to both of these at Guitar Center, can't make up my mind. I think the k371s had a better seal, but i've been hearing about QC issues and how am i to know if i got a bad pair? The k553 on the other hand is discontinued, so I gotta pay a premium for it, but it also sounded really good at the store. Also the k371 follow the Harmann curve, and the k553s follow a more neutral monitoring frequency response, so they're fundamentally different. They're both very comfortable, my ears touched the driver on the k371 but i've heard the clamp lets up and pads need to wear in.

I'm going to use these for blocking out sound at work, listening to edm and heavy metal while programming. They're replacing Sennheiser Hd25-1 IIs, i'm done with on-ears. I use open headphones at home as namely the dt880 and for fun and gaming, the KSC75s (excellent for VR, so light). So i have open covered and really need a comfy closed set. I don't need an amp (yet) as i have my lg v30.

Ahhh I can't make up my mind!!! Please help, thanks!
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Maybe search around for a used pair of AKG K553 headphones?
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Maybe search around for a used pair of AKG K553 headphones?

I don't buy used headphones. Speakers I'll buy used all day, but headphones I have to put on my head and face, just not into that.

EDIT - I bought the k553s from GC. Even though they're bass-light and have trouble sealing, it reminded me of an open headphone. The sound was bigger and the isolation was slightly better due to the metal construction. I may be into bassy music but not bassy cans.
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