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Shirt tugs on earbuds when wearing the cord inside the shirt?

  1. manthisis
    When I wear my earbuds (Denon AHC360) I have a problem.  When Im walking with them in (the cord in my shirt) the shirt tugs on the cord and I have to keep readjusting my earbuds.  I think the cord falls back into my shirt, and that makes the shirt tug on it.  (the cord on my earbuds is thin, if that is a important factor.)  Is there any way to fix this?  Thanks!
  2. DaBomb77766
    Two ways to fix it: stop wearing it in your shirt or wear it over-the-ear by wrapping the cable over your ear instead of dangling under.  Other than that I don't see what else you can do to help.
  3. JackKontney
    Get a shirt clip. Clip the cord to your collar and you've got strain relief.
  4. manthisis


    should I clip both of them to the clip?
  5. JackKontney
    The clip attaches to the cable, below the separation. Give yourself enough slack that you can turn your head without pulling on the cable, position there, and clip it to your collar. (I wear my cables over ear/behind the head, so it's the back of my shirt collar.)
  6. manthisis


    so would you pull the cord up and attach it to your collar?
  7. JackKontney
    Basically, yes. Can also be done in front if you wear your IEMs that way. The point is to localize the "pulling" to where it won't affect your ears/fit, leaving enough cable slack for normal head motions.
    A typical shirt clip:
  8. manthisis
    if you dont mind, could you post a picture of how it looks to you? i still am having trouble. btw the denon's cord is thin and not as firm as the ibuds.

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