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Shelves for amps/dacs to use on a desk or table

  1. uncola
    I can't seem to find ANYTHING.  this would be for smaller amps/dacs like 10" wide or so.  I was thinking of using two 12" wide maple cutting boards but I thought there must be something readymade out there
  2. cel4145
    Might not be designed for amps/DACs, but a small shelf like that sounds like the kind of thing Ikea might have.
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    You mean something like a desktop size version of this modular HiFi rack by Lovan?

    Here's a thread that may point you in the right direction - I used the search keywords "equipment rack."
    However, if you're inclined to DIY, you may get some inspiration in this post from the Photography thread:
  4. RonaldDumsfeld
    I got a pair of these variable height stands from Richer sounds
    If you only want the smallest (lowest) size pole you an get ARC120.
    Work well and versatile.
  5. Justin0505
    I just went trough this search myself and ended up finding "monitor stands" on Amazon:


    Large Corner:

    if you want to get fancy you can add in some "isolation feet"
    quite a few options if you want
    Spike style:

    or sorbothane style:

    ...or for the price, you could go crazy and do both and still be at a fraction of the cost of "audiophile" marketed "modular" racks that are basically the same thing. I used both the sorbothane and the spikes for the bottom shelf, then used just one of the sorbothane disks between each stacked layer above that.
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  6. JohnSD
    Like the post above- look for stands for desktop computer monitors. There are lots of variations available, even steel ones.
  7. Justin0505


    The ones sold by "Hemudu" or "Xinpin" (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B071G5KX3X/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0) are inexcusably crappy:
    The glass is thick and adequately finished, but the other components (legs) are absurdly low quality. They're soda-can-thin metal. The legs don't actually match the lugs in the glass and they're so thin that even if they didnt arrive already broken (one leg missing the insert that the coupler screws into) it certainly wouldn't last long with out failing the first time it took some weight or was moved or slid on the desk. One leg even came out of the box already missing the insert (pic attached): 20180419_192628 (1).jpg

    The most annoying thing is that it would only have cost a few cents more to make it properly and have something that would last instead of being worthless junk. Thinks so poorly made that they wont function for their intended purpose shouldn't sold by Amazon without a disclaimer.

    The "Monoprice" shelves are few bucks more and shipping takes another day or 2, but they are significantly better quality:

    The "VonHaus" stand (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DMCWMXA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1)is also good quality, and while larger than probably needed for all but the biggest gear, I use it for my monitor, phone, and a small DAW that I use just for my mic.

    The combo sorbothane spike feet is also working very well I wasnt sure how stable it all would feel so I only went 2 levels high to begin with, but the combo of sorbothane and weight from the shelves locks them together well enough I think 3 levels would be no problem. Vibration dampening/isolation also seems excellent.

    Once I get the rest of my desk cleaned up, I'll post some pics.

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