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Share your tastes - Suggest 5 "Best Of" albums

Discussion in 'Music' started by apheared, Jul 18, 2001.
  1. grrr223
    Best ofs have their place, I recently wanted to buy a few more classic rock CDs, and a lot of the huge popular bands from that time have some very good best of albums.

    I like the Beatles, who doesn't, but I will probably never care enough to buy more than 1 or 2 of their albums, there are a lot of other CDs I'd rather buy, so I bought the Beatles 1 album, it has 27 of their #1 singles on it, which is about all the Beatles music I'll ever care to listen to.

    The same thing goes with Simon and Garfunkel and The Doors. Wait, I take that back, I own the Best of The Doors, but I like it so I'll probalby buy a few more of their albums, but Simon and Garfunkel, no.

    On the flip side of that, I LOVE Metallica, so I just bought ALL of their CDs, it was kind of expensive, but fun none the less. (Half.com is a wonderful, wonderful place, Load $5, Garage Inc. 2 CD set $11, all "used" but in perfect condition)

    And how can you say that all classical music compilations are bad, they're not just for making money, they are a great way to become exposed to new music. My Discovering the Symphony on Naxos was $12, where else am I going to get music by 20 different composers (many of whom I'm hearing for the first time) for $12???

    Okay, here's my 5:
    George Thorogood- Baddest of George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers
    Metallica-S&M (not so much for the songs on it, but because Metallica with the symphony is incredibly powerful)
    Tom Petty- Greatest Hits??
    The Doors- Best of The Doors???
    The Beatles - 1
  2. XXhalberstramXX
    Yeah, as i said, my reticence to purchase best-of cds is probably why i have such trouble getting into new music. luckily, my university has a largish collection of classical music.

    people should start CDR trading clubs, if you know what i mean (don't respond to this point in public as i'm sure Jude doesn't want anything illegal or nearly illegal on his board). but i think when it comes to multiple recordings of the same works, it does not harm to record companies because people usually only buy one recording. this way they could have many.

    sorry i'm incoherent, i'm tired.
  3. MacDEF Contributor

    As i've said, if their stand alone album isn't good enough for me, that band isn't good enough for me.

    There are tons of bands out there who have released awful albums with GREAT singles on them. In fact, I would argue that MOST bands fit into that category -- a couple good songs on an album with mediocre other stuff.

    In those situations, I'll definitely buy a "Greatest Hits" album -- I won't deprive myself of good music just because a band can't put together a good stand-alone album.
  4. grrr223
    I hear you MacDef, I wish I had the money to buy every CD by every band I like, but let's take Steppenwolf for instance. I have no desire to listen to any songs by them besides Born to Be Wildand Magic Carpet Ride and maybe a few others and all of these are on different CDs, so I could spend $$$ on 2 or 3 CDs by them of which I only want to listen to about 10% and I'll probalby only enjoy about 50%, not to mention the practicality of having to switch CDs if I want to hear both of the previously mentioned songs.....

    OR I could buy they're 16 Greatest Hits album as recommended by Allmusic.com and save myself some time and money and get much better bang for the buck. Whether the original albums were good on their own doesn't matter to me, I want to hear those songs, and for some strange reason, I feel like giving my money to a record company instead of downloading the MP3s, and this is the cheapest way to do that.
  5. Audio Redneck
    Kind of off topic, but if you ever want to try something different, look for Best Of's on the Rhino Records label. They've bought more rights and re-released more obscure material than just about anybody. And there liner notes are pretty good as well.

    Some of my favorites:
    *The Manhattan Transfer Anthology (as I mentioned above)
    *Jimmy Rogers Greatest Hits (the early 60's rocker, not the 30's country yodeler)
    *Dr. Demento's Greatest Novelty Records of All Time Vol 1&2 [​IMG]
  6. Odeen

    Gong - Wingful of Eyes (Several tracks from the first three albums (Expresso; Shamal[/i]; Gazeuse![/i]) after the Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy. Gong switched leadership (From Daevid Allen to a trained jazz percussionist Pierre Moerlen) and abandoned the psychodelic act in favor of kickass fusion presented on those albums

    Soft Machine - The Collection (a.k.a. The Untouchable) - Same story, band goes from psych to fusion (And, like Gong, picks up Allen Holdsworth for a bit), and winds up doing its best work. Another one of those Castle Communications compilation albums, they did a bunch of Hawkwind stuff.

    Magma - Retrospektïw Vol. I+II

    King Crimson - A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson

    Hawkwind - Acid Daze: The History of Hawkwind (This is PUSHING IT, as it's a 3-CD box set)
    Acid Daze volumes are available singly, if I had to choose one, it'd probably be Volume 2 (With Magnu, Angels of Death, and my personal favorite, Quark, Strangeness & Charm), followed closely by Volume 3 (With Hurry On Sundown, Born to Go, and Space is Deep)
  7. eastsidemetalhd
    ... better make that six! they aren't exactly all "best-ofs", but I guess they ultimately serve the same purpose.

    Kyuss: Muchas Gracias - The Best Of
    NWA: Greatest Hits
    Motorhead: The Best Of
    What Happens Next?: The 1st Year/The 2nd Year
    SSD: Power
    Slayer: Decade of Aggression
  8. jude Administrator
    Wow, Apheared, you like Siouxsie and the Banshees too? I mean, they're not on my faves list, but I do dig that band.
  9. jude Administrator
    Here are two of mine (I'll have to think of more):
    1. Steely Dan's Citizen CD set
    2. Little Feat's Hotcakes and Outtakes

    Apheared, does it have to be a single band, or do genre collections also count?
  10. MacDEF Contributor

    Wow, Apheared, you like Siouxsie and the Banshees too? I mean, they're not on my faves list, but I do dig that band.

    Apheared listed "Twice Upon A Time: The Singles" -- I actually prefer "Once Upon A Time: The Singles," which is the band's earlier "greatest hits" album. "Twice" has a lot more songs, but "Once" has some real classics back when they were a bit less poppy. You should give it a listen!
  11. pigmode
    I just picked up Heart: 1985-1995 today.
  12. jude Administrator

    Originally posted by MacDEF

    Apheared listed "Twice Upon A Time: The Singles" -- I actually prefer "Once Upon A Time: The Singles," which is the band's earlier "greatest hits" album. "Twice" has a lot more songs, but "Once" has some real classics back when they were a bit less poppy. You should give it a listen!

    Wow, MacDEF, you too? You have to admit, we don't run into a lot of people who say, "I really like Siouxsie and the Banshees."
  13. neil
    My favorite "Best Of" albums are Rush - Chronicles -- but then again, there's not much Rush that I don't like (being a drummer). I like Journey's Greatest Hits, and of course, the world famous Simon and Garfunkle's Greatest Hits. However, that last one I haven't listened to on my head-fi system yet. Haven't quite had the mood.

    I can't wait for the day when streaming bandwidth is so killer that we can essentially test drive custom "best-of" mix-albums. [​IMG]
  14. dhwilkin Contributor
    Eagles - Greatest Hits Vol. 2
    Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits 1974-1978
    Best of Slayers (the anime, not the metal band) (this might as well be a best of Megumi Hayashibara album)
    Maaya Sakamoto - Hotchpotch
    Deen - Singles + 1 (a friend of mine described the sound as a Japanese version of Chicago... having never heard Chicago, I can't comment on the accuracy of that comment).
  15. MacDEF Contributor

    Rules clarification, please. You said 5 favorite "best of," but does that include

    1) Double-CD Greatest Hits albums?

    2) Box sets/multiple-CD sets?

    I think those are cheating [​IMG] If you use a 2-disc set, you should only get to choose three others (the 2 discs in the set count for 2 of your 5), and if you choose a 5-disc set, that should be all you get.

    But if you want to accept them as one, I have a few box sets I'll use for my choices [​IMG]

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