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Share your tastes - Suggest 5 "Best Of" albums

Discussion in 'Music' started by apheared, Jul 18, 2001.
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  1. Apheared
    That's the catch, just 5... so think about it. And no throwing in your favorite band's album if they don't have a best of, that's cheating. [​IMG]

    Best of's have the advantage of spanning time, and tracks are selected by popularity... so if someone that's never heard em doesn't like it, chances are they won't like ANYTHING the band does. (and it's cheaper, only one album to buy)

    My five:

    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Twice Upon A Time - The Singles
    The Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady
    Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks (1964-1971)
    The Hollies - Greatest Hits
    Steely Dan - A Decade Of Steely Dan
  2. Audio Redneck
    Narrowing it down to just 5 is hard, but here is my top five:

    Time - Phil Keaggy
    Now the Truth can be Told - Steve Taylor
    Time Life Legends of Country Music - The Statler Brothers
    PDQ Bach Anthology - PDQ Bach
    The Manhattan Transfer Anthology - The Manhattan Transfer

    How's that for a mix? A Finger Style Guitarist, Christian Rock, Country Quartet, the Weird Al of Classical Music, and Jazz (among others) Vocal Group.
  3. Tides
    I will name one for now and decide on the 4 later. This one is a no brainer for me [​IMG]

    One that I absolutely love is my recent purchase

    Legend by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

  4. Braver
    the only best-of album I got is Bob Marley - Legend. And I guess Metallica S&M would count as a best-of.

    to me, best-ofs are useless, cause if I like the band, I'll be buying all albums anyway and the best-off will become redundant. They're okay if I can pick one up in the library for free, just to see what a band is about. Live albums, same story. Bands I'm interrested in usually don't have best-ofs anyway, just live albums.
  5. XXhalberstramXX
    i agree with braver. Best of CDs are a disgrace. if a band is not good enough to have strong stand-alone albums, they're not worth my time.

    Best of opera and Classical CDs seem even worse.

    An album should be a coherent whole, able to be listened to in one sitting without discomfort or boredom
  6. Audio Redneck

    i agree with braver. Best of CDs are a disgrace. if a band is not good enough to have strong stand-alone albums, they're not worth my time.


    While you may make an argument about classical and some opera, "Best of" albums don't mean the bands/groups/singers don't have strong stand-alone albums. But often the really good groups have MANY strong stand-alone albums and the Best Of tends to be the songs that can stand on there own.



    An album should be a coherent whole, able to be listened to in one sitting without discomfort or boredom

    ...but few of the Best Of albums of groups you like will be boring, if the songs represent works that are strong enough to stand on there own.

    (Let the flames begin!)
  7. Braver
    my point was, if you like a band and have their albums, why should you want their best-of album? If songs can stand on their own...you don't need a best-of album to listen to them right?

    best-ofs are usually incoherent as hell too. IMO.

    I like best-ofs when I don't intend on buying all the albums but like the music "for-a-change". Like S&M, Legend, Dire Straits - Alchemy (my dad's). But I'm not going to sit down and listen to a best-of album.
  8. gorgon_123
    I gotta agree with Apheared, Buzzcocks "Singles Going Steady" is truly a great cd.

    Now, for my other four:

    Elvis Costello - The Very Best of Elvis Costello and the Attractions
    Louis Armstrong - Best Of
    Stiff Little Fingers - All the Best (if you like the Buzzcocks CD above you'll probably like this one too)
    Operation Ivy - self-titled compilation (it has everything they ever recorded in a studio on it, 27 tracks)


    Braver said:

    to me, best-ofs are useless, cause if I like the band, I'll be buying all albums anyway and the best-off will become redundant.

    I agree with this, HOWEVER [​IMG] if I've heard a few songs of a band at a friend's place, or maybe I've come across a few MP3's of a band and am impressed I'll generally pick up the best of compilation, and if I like it I will go out and buy the albums. I use best-ofs as a intro-to-the-band. And the CD's I've listed above are a few great artists that people might be interested in and a good way to get familiar with the "sound" of the groups is to pick up a best of!

    Anywayzz... enough babbling.
  9. MacDEF Contributor

    The Legend by Bob Marly and the Wailers.

    Tides, I keep thinking I should point this out, but then I forget [​IMG]

    The album is "Legend" rather than "The Legend" and his name is "Marley" not "Marly"

    Sorry, but my anal-retentive side couldn't bear any more postings about "The Legend by Bob Marly"


    P.S. When I get back home I'll post my list -- I have to look through my CDs...
  10. Apheared
    Braver, yes of course... many albums I'd smack you with the headphone cord if you tried skipping a track during playback...

    But that's not the point. You're trying to suggest "Best of's" to people that have never heard/heard of the band in question. So while you don't own them, you know they exist and can look at the tracklist so see if you'd suggest it to someone, especially when it's outside their genre... if they find nothing they like, they can just skip that band.
  11. Tides

    I noticed that typo on the name [​IMG] like earlier when I read it, but them Mbriant and I ended up doing Links 2001 together so never bothered.. [​IMG] Thanks for pointing out tho [​IMG]

  12. Hamsta
    Back on topic.... [​IMG]

    Must haves -
    John Lee Hooker - The Best of Friends
    Mark Knopfler - Screenplaying (sort of "Best of" of his film scores)
    Sarah MacLauglin - Mirrorball

    Honourable mentions -
    Miles Davis & Gil Evans - Highlights from the Complete Sessions
    Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing (HDCD remastered)

    I agree that often "Best of"s are mass-market money-chasing dodginess, and that I'd usually prefer original albums. The three "Must Haves" above are very notable exceptions! I do often enjoy good live albums as they can capture a lot more feeling than a studio recording. "Mirrorball" is an excellent example of this. I got it as a double set with "Surfacing" which IMHO is a technically excellent recording but quite lifeless and clinical. In contrast, "Mirrorball" is a bit rough around the edges (for example, MacLaughlin's voice is "smeared" over the front of the soundstage), but the dynamic of the live concert is much more involving, and to my mind, enjoyable.

  13. Tomcat Contributor
    since you have mentioned John Lee Hooker so prominently, I just have to add another "Best of"-release: "The Best of HookerNHeat". These are indeed the best tracks from a session with John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat, recorded in the late sixties, I think. If anyone ever wondered what relationship there is between testosterone and Rock'n'Roll: This is the answer. There is so much raw energy, it's almost frightening. That it has been recorded on analogue tape is a bonus.
  14. LeonardSmalls
    I'm not really a fan of "Best Of" albums - they're usually an excuse by record companies to shift more units...
    But saying that, 2 collections that spring to mind are:
    1) "Manifestation" Axiom sampler (a best of the Axiom record label - basically Bill Laswell/Material and offshoots - absolute corker of an album!)
    2) "If you want blood" - AC/DC (not a best of, I spose, but live and certainly dangerous!)
  15. XXhalberstramXX
    Reply to many:

    I must say, when i'm buying a cd of a band i haven't heard, i NEVER consider buying the best-of album. As i've said, if their stand alone album isn't good enough for me, that band isn't good enough for me. That having been said, this may be the reason i don't get into many new bands. The few new bands i get into, i borrow cds from friends or see them live and my interest is aroused.

    THAT having been said, i have bought a sort of best-of cd (well a live cd really) of the irreplacable Iron Maiden. Life (Live?) after Death. excellent cd, containing some of Iron Maiden's best songs. but also a healthy heap of crap (run to the hills, etc). But thats neither here nor there.

    BTW i tend to prefer compilation CDs for looking into new bands. although you still never know. Buying cds is such a pain in the ass. The government should just liquidate the military and spend the money on giving people all the music they want. damnit, i should be prez.
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