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Share your DMP (digital music player) screenshots!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by AthenaZephyrian, Sep 2, 2018.
  1. AthenaZephyrian
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  2. Zenvota
    Tidal, equalizer apo, darin fongs out of your head.

    Still using mpc hc and lav filters for files... don't ask me why idk just used to it i guess.

    20180904_181427.jpg 20180903_160435.jpg
    The DMPs not very portable :/
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  3. Zenvota
    Tube saturator O.o crazy
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  4. AthenaZephyrian
    I don't use it too often, actually. But it sure looks nice. In theory, I could pot a song through that, my NS-O1E, and my Little Dot I+. That would be one tubey sound.

    Now I wanna try that. Like making a dry ice bomb out of a water cooler. Terrible idea, but fun.
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  5. Twenty-One Twelve

  6. AthenaZephyrian
    Images didn't appear to carry over properly.

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