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Shanling S100 CD Player

  1. berzzzz
    This is a perfect working great CD player. It has no marks on it and sounds great. This is what one of our fellow music buffs review had to say about this player,

    "The S100 is remarkable for true timbres and rhythmic drive, and it is even more remarkable as a value for money."

    Only reason I am selling is typical audiogon member behavior, just moving up the food chain to a rega Saturn

    Reduced to 200.00 !!! or make offer

  2. berzzzz
    See above Reduced price
  3. Avagreen
    Dear Mate, I live in Australia Melbourne. I am willing to buy it. What will it cost for shipping? and what price can I get it for? Thx await a email from you, Email address; peter.gay@gmail.com    Thx. Peter
  4. alpha421
    Wow. You deserve a necro trophy.  The add is almost 6 years old and the member hasn't been active for 3 years. Good luck.

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