Shanling M3s - dual AK4490 DAC, 2.5 balanced out, aptX BT, HiBy link, USB out, FW 1.4

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Sep 1, 2017.
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  1. jmac1516
    Got it. Thanks!
  2. subguy812
    I am very sensitive to stridency or sibilance. Neither of the DAPs with any of the IEM's I have tried exacerbate a treble sharpness
  3. Arum16
    Thanks for the tip
    I've been looking myself for balanced cables, mainly Null Audio's and Nocturnal Audio's.
    The ones I was interested in from those two web shops, are comparable to the ForzaAudioWorks' Noir Hybrid HPC.

    Is this the one you've ordered? Could you please post here about your buying experience and your opinion about the cables?

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  4. silverfishla
    @Shanling Can you suggest to Hiby on the next firmware update to make the volume icon appear as LO when using the DAP as Line Out? A safety feature that can protect our ears. Otherwise, if the user forgets that the last time the Dap was used in Line Out, it only shows the previous volume setting on Headphone Out, but is still on LO mode. It would be a nice reminder to the user.
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  5. rynaus
    I have ordered the Noir HPC Mk2 1.5m with a 2.5mm terminator. I will post more details when the cable arrives. As far as I've heard, it takes a few days for them to assemble and send it.
  6. rynaus
    @Shanling I use my M3S primarily as a desktop dac which means it is always at full charge. For the next firmware update it would be nice if you could add a "Battery Saver" mode which prevents the device from charging to 100% and stops Charing at say 50% ? My Sony Walkman and my laptop both have such options. This as far as I know increases battery life.
  7. kp297
    Has anyone found the Hiby app only shows a portion of the music library? The other half of my library folders is presented as unplayable songs.
  8. Shanling
    Instructions are included in ZIP file of firmware update.

    Also there is no difference if you put upt file on SD card over separate card reader or M3s connected to computer.

    Not sure what limits are there, will need to check with colleagues after holidays ends.

    I had this in my "software changes" notes few months ago, so far no change on this from HiBy.
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  9. Arum16
    Didn't experience that, but my track count is not high. I've got around 1300 tracks on my M3S.
    Is it limited on track count or on store size?

    What i've found is that the Hiby UI doesn't refresh my phone's screen, when in "track list mode" .
    List Play is the selected Play Mode, and I start my session on a folder (album). At the end is goes over to the next folder/album, but in between my screen is off (as screen auto-shuts in about 30 seconds or so).
    If I switch/lit on my phone screen, the listed folder/tracks is not updated.
    This is not to say that there is any sort of problem with my listening session.Far from it.

    All in all, Hiby provides me with another level of experiencing my music. I really enjoy it.
    This application is freely distributed, but if by any chance someone would take it up and upgrade its features/functionalities I would pay to have a "pro" app on my phone.
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  10. rynaus
    There is no tool for the PC to do the firmware update. So you have to copy the extracted firmware file to the SD card of your M3S and then start the update from the M3S.
  11. strawed
    +1 to this. Just wanted to make sure this request was noticed by @Shanling - I use USB DAC mode often, but am concerned that the constant charging is going to ruin long-term battery life. Thanks to Shanling for being so receptive to user feedback on updates tho!
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  12. kp297
    To detail this issue further, I have attached an image of what I'm dealing with. This occurs when I use Hiby to display the folders on the MicroSD (I prefer to select my music this way). When I click the song icon (when in reality it's a folder), I am presented with two successive Chinese messages (with x's). @Shanling have you seen this behavior before? Any advice?

    Info: I have reinstalled the firmware of M3s, and the Hiby App. Also have re-paired over Bluetooth twice. Music library is around 6000 songs. This is a root view of the folders on the MicroSD.

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  13. Shanling
    Will discuss it with our team after CNY.

    This question must go to HiBy, its their app. Maybe @Joe Bloggs can say something to it.
    Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    1. What should be a folder appears as a track, and
    2. Two Chinese messages appear (that are not shown here) ?

    Can you show us what those Chinese messages are?

    Also is that an iPhone X you're using or? HiByMusic app version is then the latest iOS version?
  15. kp297
    Hi Joe! Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, I am using an iPhone X. The Dropbox link has a screen recording of both messages and picture of M3s correctly displaying the folders (I can open them and play songs on the Shanling but not in the Hiby app). The Hiby app is the latest version from the Apple App Store (Ver 3.1.0)
    If you need anything else, just let me know. Thanks!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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