Shanling M3s - dual AK4490 DAC, 2.5 balanced out, aptX BT, HiBy link, USB out, FW 1.2 out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Sep 1, 2017.
  1. twister6 Contributor
    That was my urge when I got M2S, wanted balanced output and a lower impedance HO, was really hoping to pair it up with Q1ii but for some reason that FiiO's dac/amp is very picky, only works with smartphones, while M2S worked ok with HA-2. When I got M3S, the urge to stack it was gone. It really is designed to be a portable all-round DAP.
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  2. subguy812
    Sounds full and rich...I am not hearing any additional brightness from the DAP

  3. drag0nslayer
    Yeah, M3S just sounds tooo gooood.
    and btw which iems are those ?
  4. SteveOliver
    I like the fact that you are driving a $2,400 IEM from a $280 DAP. Spend the money in the right area's :)
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  5. drag0nslayer
    Really that much expensive are those :'( and me trying to spend $100 on chifi carefully :D
  6. SteveOliver
    I know, they are out of my price range too, I think I may be able to get a set of mid-high end CIEM's one day, Maybe. :)
  7. drag0nslayer
    and they are just far far far away from my range and i'm not deserve those right now its a long way :D on which CIEM'S you have eyes on?
  8. bachankas
    Did anybody listen to M3s with B&O H6 or DT990?

    How much does your DAPs last on battery? As long as Shanling promised in ads?
  9. SteveOliver
    We are going off topic here, but I have a dealer near me that supplies 64 Audio and JH Audio, perhaps the A12 or Roxanne. I will have to visit them and try a few before making a decision.
  10. drag0nslayer
    Yeah its going on another direction, But you are lucky you have a dealer near you to test it. In here in my country there is no trend of hifi music even people here wont buy $50 iem, they will just say its same as $1 iem :D
  11. cj3209
    Thanks for the morning laugh...:)

    I shouldn't talk though as I'm using a $1,600 IEM w/$300 cable and the M3s...does sound pretty good though...
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  12. jaxz
    Yes, the M3S tremendous value.
  13. kukkurovaca
    I have the H6. They sound good with everything, and the M3s is no exception. It's a good combination and not at all fatiguing. (They're not very transparent/source-dependent, so there's not a huuuge advantage to using the M3s or an amp over using a phone.)

    Re: battery life, I'm not sure. sometimes it seems like it depletes faster than I expect and sometimes the opposite. I suspect that the issue might be that that after charging, a full battery meter doesn't necessarily mean that the battery is actually full. I.e., if I just charge it until the meter shows full, then it will run down quickly, but if I leave it charging for hours or overnight, the meter will continue to show full for a long time. This isn't necessarily a flaw, but it's not quite what I'm used to.
  14. PinkyPowers
    $3,599 IEM here, and $800 cable.

    tia Fourté and Leonidas sounds superb out of M3s balanced port. :D
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  15. cj3209

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