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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.5

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. Test222
    Auto-shut down option seems to disable itself from time to time. I had to set it already 3 or 4 times (this bug however hasn't been introduced in the latest update, I had it before that). I often use sleep timer so I guess it may be somehow connected. Anyone else?
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  2. Test222
    I tested how much more High Gain mode consumes battery compared to Low Gain. Was playing the same mp3 320 kbps song for exactly 1 hour with similar loudness. Interestingly enough, there was no difference. Both modes took exactly 10% battery.
  3. fish1050
    If you listening about the same volume level on high gain and low gain then the power should be the same so battery drain should be very close. If you change headphones from low impedance to high impedance and you have to crank the volume then the battery life will be affected
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  4. Test222
    I'm saying this because when I asked Shanling about it, he said there is a difference between low gain and high gain in terms of battery (post #453) which turned to be false.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2019
  5. cel4145
    Your question could be interpreted in one of two ways. And his answer is correct for one of them, for if you run headphones on high gain to a volume louder than they can run on low gain, it will use more power. And now insisting he was wrong. Well, your question was a NOOB question to begin with, whichever way he should have interpreted it. So why not show a little less hubris that better reflects your level of understanding of how amps work? Be thankful people are here to help you out.
  6. Dobrescu George
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  7. Test222
    Get off your high horse, dude. My question was very simple and straightforward, I'm sorry for you if you can't interpret it. I never mentioned anything of using different headphones for high mode.
  8. cel4145
    You didn't even understand what I just said. LOL
  9. Slater91
    Yes, his/her question comes from a person who is not an expert, but that's totally fine. He is asking for clarification: he sees an apparent contradiction and is asking for further information. Please be more considerate towards others, we're all here to share our passion and not to shout at each other.
    To answer @Test222's question: there is no fundamental difference in battery drain as long as volume is similar. What drains the battery faster in high gain mode is the fact that you effectively allow higher voltage and higher current to flow, so you can raise the volume more. If you use the same volume you are effectively using the same voltage and the same current, so the battery drain is identical. I hope this answers your question.
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  10. Test222
    Thank you.
  11. cel4145
    Wrong. He was not "asking." He didn't say "Hey i tried this out, and I can't find a difference. What's going on?" He statement directly accused someone else of providing "false information" to use his own words. There is a difference between asking and accusing.

    So I stand by my recommendation. When seeking advice from someone who is knowledgeable, a person needing advice should have the humility to be polite if the offered advice doesn't work out for them. Especially, as shown in this instance, it was an obviously understandable confusion about what was being asked.
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  12. Slater91
    From his/her point of view the information given was indeed false. If you say "there is a difference in battery drain between high gain and low gain" without giving further explanation, one that does not know the difference between the two modes and tries (as he did) to listen to music at the same volume will be surprised in learning that there is no difference in battery drain at all. Yes, that's because s/he is not knowledgeable,and yes, s/he could have worded it better, but the correct answer should have been "there is a difference because you can raise the volume more and this drains more battery". That's maybe not 100% technically correct (though that's what happens, in the end), but it gets the point across far better than the previous answers.
    You are keeping the same attitude, which is not the right one when dealing with someone who is still understanding things. Of course the statement by Shanling is technically correct, but you can tell only if you already know why it's correct. If I say "every swan is white" you have every right to be angry at me when you discover that some Australian swans are black. Because yes, "every swan is white" is technically correct if you already know that the statement has an "apart from Australian ones" attached. This is what happened here: someone told Test222 that swans were white and he found a black one.
    You are right in saying that a person asking for advice should have the humility to be polite, but the person giving said advice should have the humility of trying to understand the other person's point of view and why they act the way they do, since they're supposedly more knowledgeable. As a last note, s/he wrote "he said there is a difference between low gain and high gain in terms of battery which turned to be false" which is by all means correct and true in his/her case of testing at the same volume, so s/he has been nor impolite nor lacking humility - s/he just stated a true fact in the context he was talking about (which was perfectly understandable, by the way. There was no confusion: and if you really felt confusion on that, you should have had the humility to be polite and ask for clarification, to paraphrase your words).
    To wrap things up: the advice of getting "down from your high horse" was too much, but in this case I think you could have handled this much better. I hope this message will let you reconsider your stance.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2019
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  13. webline
    I don't think you will get anywhere with this kind of dispute - maybe a private message would get things done better - sorry - just my 2cents and merry xmas!
  14. Slater91
    You are indeed right, I am sorry. Merry Christmas! :)
  15. AvneeshAgrawal
    I am facing the exact same issue! Could you please provide a quick update on the situation and how to resolve it?
    Thanks in advance :)
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