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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.5

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. Devh
    I had a chance to try the Blon. Very interesting set. On the Shanling its better on low gain compared to the Ety that do better on high gain for my M5s and I think it would hold true for the M3x.
    Basically this is what im initially hearing. They do sound pretty good especially vocals, highs and details. Here is where it fails as expected is in the bass. The quality clear bass is lacking what the more expensive iems can deliver but in its favor the mid bass is snappy and I can see why people like them which kind of makes up for the short coming.

    If I could eq the bass I could probably fix the unusual harmonics by lowering the sub bass frequencies so they sound cleaner. I could also break them in for a 100hr to see if gets better including trying different tips.
    I think the M2X would have just enough power on the single end not to require an amp but I think it will be benefited with the balanced output for just that little more to clean them up. On the M5S in balanced mode they are loud at 40 low gain which is far more efficient than the Etys with the100ohm resistor.

    So here is my conclusion for you. I have a very discerning taste where I would choose not to use something if I don't like it even if I got it for free. I knew coming in they would not sound like my Etys and that is because nothing else does and I kind of got the hint they will not sound better than stuff that costs 10 times more but actually in a way everything above 500 hz does sound as good as some of the more expensive IEMs which is remarkable and I think the reviews were people are hyping them up are right about them.

    I can go on and on about them but I think the best way to put it is to simply say, if I paid 150-$200 I would have no regrets, any more than that I would. I might actually buy another pair to gift to my Brother in law for Xmas.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  2. Dobrescu George
    Only video so far, but the written should be up in just a few days :)

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  3. mark88888
    Wow!! Good conclusion. They sound worth trying.
    I find it interesting though that people are saying they're comparable to IEMs at any price, or at any rate excellent, but you're kind of putting a cap on them at around a $200 value. Which isn't huge.

    As an Ety fan I think you should try the ER4XR anyway. They're fantastic. And actually the ER4SR too... as an ER4S fan they may be more up your alley. I loved the ER4PT, which are more similar to the XR. I can tell you that the XR are better than the PT.

    O, fantastic, thanks!!!
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
  4. Devh
    I still plan to try the ER4XR because it has my curiosity if it can give me a little more sub bass without spoiling the rest of the presentation.
    Im very picky about the sound I like which is accuracy but it doesn't have to be accurate all the time as long as it sounds clean and brings a smile to my face where I can lose myself in the music. Sadly the bass on these Blons is rough and distracting but I have new tips coming that are reported to lower the bass and increase the highs a bit so we will see.

    I do actually have the ER4PT with the supplied 75 ohm S adaptor. The difference is large but only if you amp in S mode because they are power hungry and when you do they open up. I have done back to back comparisons with the P and the S is as perfect as you can get even though the bass is lean its makes up for it in refinement. The Etys budgeted line which I have heard sounds awful though they have similar lean sound signature as they can sound cheap and not a great value, therefore the Blon trumps them easily.
    Sadly there is nothing that sounds as good to my ears yet than the ER4S with a lot of clean power behind it.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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  5. mark88888
    I think the XR will give you a lot more sub bass. And yeah, they don't spoil the rest of the presentation, at all. I did a lot of comparisons between the PT and XR. For me, besides better, cleaner, louder bass, there's also more detail in the treble. The soundstage is also wider... I can hear the instruments more distinctly. The XR is just super with the Shanling M2s so I am excited to hear them with the M2X.

    And also, as we can see, thinking about what other phones might be like with them. Which tips did you order for the BLONs?
  6. Devh
    So I had more time with the Blon. I made some interesting discoveries and then read some post that confirmed what a few were experiencing. Tip rolling makes the biggest difference in the sound quality. I bought some SpinFit CP240 double flange tips thinking that I can get better insertion which I did but they were horrible. The sound signature degraded with distorted bass and the highs out of wack. It was so bad I thought it was wasn't the tips and it was the Blon so I was thinking of giving up and returning them but in that process I decided to turn on the EQ on the Shanling and tune the bass which helped but it was still not very good. I decided to go back to the grey medium tips provided and imediatly the sound was night and day better as long as I did not insert them deep into my ears but that lead to a problem with the tips slipping out. I then thought to myself what if I use the large grey tips, so I tried that and OMG they are incredible. The tips stayed in place and the sound was unbelievable. I know why the necks on these things are shallow because they are not meant for insertion.

    I think I found what works. You need to have tips that just cover the ear canal and not have the greatest isolation but who cares. I have found that if you boost the sub bass a tad in the 32hz frequency and reduce 65hz and drop 1Khz it makes the bass nice and clean. I decided to keep trying other tips just to see if I can make an improvement but on the whole these Blons are even better than my initial impressions as long as you use the right tips and EQ the bass.
  7. audio123
  8. mark88888
    Hi..... sounds great, which large grey tips exactly?! Do they come with the phones?

    Are you using the included cable?
  9. Devh
    Im using the large gray ones that were provided. If you look a few post back I linked the cable Im using which is balanced. Good quality cable no need to spend more and if it breaks during my walk I will jut buy another.
  10. mark88888
    Thanks, I found the link.

    Does that cable have earhooks? If so are they removeable? Do you prefer earhooks? (I havent used before, not much, as I'm an Ety guy).

    I noticed that some people are using a black cable by a company that is apparantly banned here for some reason, Y----o. I found it, it's cheaper than the Tripowin. Do you think the Tripowin is worth the extra $, or are they more or less probably the same? I don't know for sure that the Y------ cable is balanced, but it's 8 core and 2.5mm so maybe it's balanced by default? But I don't know.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
  11. Devh
    Im like you in that I never really owned the over the ear type of IEM but I have for auditioning my friend who is a collector and it felt weird to me. I like how the Ety style goes right into the ear like plugs because it is the least offensive and you get use to the deep insertion.
    The cable I linked is the over the ear type but its seems easy to use once you get use them and the tips stay in place which was a little difficult with the mediums on my right ear as it was falling out but with the large tips they stay in place and feel great. The 2.5mm version is certainly balanced. As far as the cable quality I was impressed with it as it seems well made. I will say since there is no deep insertion they actually feel very comfortable.
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  12. GilZ
    Hi ,
    I like M2x form factor , great for sport usage.
    Bu i can't find any info regarding a Podcast Reader capabilities ?
    is there anything to read, manage, download (wifi) podcast on M2x ?

    thanks for your help.
  13. clerkpalmer
    Apologies if this has been covered bit I am looking at this player and have a couple of questions:

    1. My work wifi requires a login and password so I need a browser to connect. Can I do this in this unit?

    2. If I am on ios and want to stream wirelessly via airplay, how is the sound quality? Is it the same as an AAC bluetooth connection, is it better than AAC?

  14. webline
    My first post... after trying to find some help for my new M2X - I read the 28 pages here (and a lot more) but still do struggle with my new player.
    Maybe someone could give me some advice with the issues I have:
    - after connecting the M2X to my Mac and then removing the USB the M2X starts updating it's database. I run a 400GB card with close to 40.000 titles so this takes a long, long time. How can I connect the M2X without rebuilding the index every time?
    - if I select a single folder/album to be updated all the titles of the album appear twice, three or four times (one for each run) afterwards. How can I fix this? The only way I found to get the correct number of titles is to reset the M2X and rescan everything. Since I'm still trying to organise my collection this happens to often to bring fun. If I open the folder view for the album, each title is there only once as it should be
    - why do some album covers show up when playing an album title but show an empty tile in the list? I tried to rename the files form folder.jpg to Folder.jpg, Cover.jpg... and I reduced the size to become less then 100k. Nothing helps. What is the needed format for the album cover?
    - reading "supports AirPlay" I had in mind, that I can stream music from my M2X to an AirPlay device. But I found no way to make this happen. I activated AirPlay on the M2X but...?

    Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my poor English.
  15. Shanling
    Unfortunately there is no dedicated app for podcasts on M2X.

    1. Such networks can't be accessed with M2X.
    2. Connection over Airplay is lossless, compared to lossy AAC. So you should get better sound quality over Airplay.

    1. Go to settings and turn off Automatic in "Update Library".
    2. Folder view ignores database, so that's reason why it shows file just once.
    For specified folder update, it simply ads in all the files it finds in the selected folder, it doesn't compare it with already added files for duplication. We assumed this function will be used on newly added folders, not on updating some bigger parts of library.
    3. Needs to be added into tag of the song to make it work. it can't read separate picture file.
    4. M2X works as Airplay receiver, not as sender(I believe that is pretty much limited only to iOS and Mac devices).
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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