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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.5

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. karloil
    Burning in the unit now - drained the battery 1st now charging while it's playing.

    Unit is quite hot to the touch, more than what I'm used to - and I had plenty of daps before. I'm just worried once I receive and install the leather case, it will be even warmer while doing the same thing.
  2. vodanhkhack
  3. karloil
  4. vodanhkhack
    what is ... S1?
  5. Slater91
    A quick recap of how things work:
    - a DAC translates a signal from digital to analogue. Analogue signal is needed for earphones and headphones to be able to produce sound, whereas music is stored digitally (1s and 0s) on your phone or DAP;
    - Bluetooth transmits a digital signal using microwaves, so it is wireless. It is purely digital though, so the receiving device has to have a DAC in it to be able to do anything meaningful;
    - if you connect a DAC over Bluetooth to your DAP or phone, you then have an analogue signal which is totally useless for Bluetooth headphones, as they need a digital signal.
    So there is no point at all in having a "man in the middle" in a setup which comprises Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth source, as it would do nothing more than relay the signal.
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  6. karloil
    Have you read the link you stated? "S1" for DP-S1.
  7. vodanhkhack
    Oh, an Onkyo DP S1. Does it sound good or M2x 's SQ is better?
  8. karloil
    Honestly could not comment on SQ difference as I sold the S1 before I went into audio hiatus. So it has been a while now since I last heard the S1.

    What I can comment on is overall user experience - the M2x is hands down easier to use. The touchscreen interface is what gave the M2x a leg up.

    Build quality is also better on the M2x. I had paint chips on my S1 and I wasn't even using it!!
  9. dfung
    Thanks! This is very informative but straight to the point. Saved me a lot of time from mindless wandering for such a fantasy device without understand ing the basics.
    It seems the best way to go is to get a BT adapter and plug to my IEMs. Glad my phone has LDAC.

    Any suggestions on a short and light copper cable?
    (Sorry for being off topic)
  10. karloil
    Can't help you there. Most of my cables were made by myself and a local DIYer.
  11. BeezBee
    Hello, I'm newbie. Can someone explain me what filter is and how it is works ?

    Thanks in advance :relaxed:
  12. vodanhkhack
  13. karloil

    May I suggest an Auto Shut Down feature on the next firmware? I notice that even if I left the unit on Pause for a long time, the unit doesn't turn off by itself.
  14. vodanhkhack
    @karloil you already have "auto shutdown" under "idle" menu. Just swipe left twice!

    You also have the "sleep timer" under this "idle" menu. Just choose the time you want the M2x to shutdown automatically
  15. karloil
    Ah great! Thanks! I didn't see the dots at the bottom of the Idle menu.

    Yes, I did play with the Sleep Timer - this isn't what I want - Sleep will just turn off your player at your specified time regardless if you're using it or not.
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