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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.5

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. lucifero13
    Has anyone tried comparing this to the R3?
  2. dacari
    Yes, me too waiting for more comparisons, although it has been just released but it seems that this model has a limited interest.
  3. SenyorC
    I finally got mine last week and I think it is great. I'm afraid I can't compare to any other DAP except the M0 but it has everything that I need and so far seems to perform very well.
  4. dacari
    I have a M0 too, I don't expect a big step in sound quality according the reviews, but a large screen and better handling it is enough for me.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  5. nishadks
    I owned the R3 for couple of months before moved to M2x last month. R3 is based on ESS Sabre chip and definitely they make them a brighter sounding device. In general R3 is not neutral and not matching to their flagship lineup Hiby R6 sound signature. WiFi signal coverage is very bad and the UI has some it's own pros and cons. One advantage R3 has is the MSEB, which somewhat helps to tune the sound. Also the Tidal implementation has MQA support.

    M2x is other hand is matching to Shanling's flagship lineup M5s. Many reviews says the difference between M5s and M2x sound signature is very very little and both sounding almost same. AKM in M2x is near prefect implementation and prominent mids are one of it's major strength. Tidal implementation is very good and MQA is expected in near future. WiFi range much much compared to R3. M2x has Airplay and DLNA for music sharing. UI is lean and fast but very thoughtfully designed. Shanling is known to improve their products to max limit with firmware updates. Expecting more and more features and fixes by them in near future.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
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  6. nishadks
    There is big and major difference in sound quality between M0 and M2x. M0 is based on ESS Sabre and M2x is based on AKM. M0 is non neutral and fun sounding signature DAP. M2x on the other hand follows the flagship M5s design principle and sounds very similar. It's a much neutral and balanced sounding DAP.
    dacari likes this.
  7. dacari
    Thank you very much for your comparison.
  8. lucifero13

    can you say the m2x is "dead flat"? I saw in a review it is flat just like the m5s
  9. nishadks
    Don't know how to define "dead flat" without measuring instruments but to my ears M2x is very neutral. Check this review, he defined the SQ is very good manner and compared it with M0.

  10. bogginhead
    I've got a Hiby R3 w / Hiby Type-C to 3.5mm adapter, two leather cases and one plastic case, and all other original accessories and packaging listed in the Source Components For Sale part of the site. It's in almost brand new condition. But I'd really like to trade it for an M2x if anyone would be interested. Please just let me know if so.
  11. Photoman
    Hey guys. I still have my mx2 for sale with leather case for lower price. Pm me
  12. ThomasM
    Hello everybody. NEWBIE question, what is the best format to give the micro SD card? I tried to format from within the player to exFAT connected to the PC via USB cable but when I copy songs on the card and disconnect the player it tries to update but does nothing. Also after restarting I can't access the folder.
  13. SenyorC
    I have mine in exFAT with no issues. However, I formatted the card in the PC before installing in the M2x.

    I do add or delete music by just connecting it via USB but for formatting cards I usually put them in the PC.
    ThomasM likes this.
  14. ThomasM
    Thanks! I was so exited that it finally arrived, but I had no adapter at hand. I'll try formating the card on the PC when I get home. But good to know that exFAT works. At least in that sense my insticts were right.
  15. Richsvt
    The card I use in the M5S is formatted in ExFat and works without question. I am using a 400GB in the M2X that was formatted on an older Fiio player in FAT32 and the M2X read it quick and accurately. Just so you know...
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