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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. nm1213
    @myusernameislove, I'm having the same problem with the m0, and therefore eyeing the m2x. I stream from phone to the DAP via bluetooth, and then output via USB to a mojo. This works perfectly, and is amazing. However, the battery life is very poor, around 2.5-3 hours. I'm hoping the m2x can last longer when doing this.
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  2. technobear
    Are we once again confusing the useless red battery indicator with battery life? The two are quite different things.

    Battery life is exhausted when the player shuts down, many hours after the indicator turns red.
  3. Blazer39
    can you compare SQ with shanling own M0?
    i like how M0 sound, hopefully M2X has that musical shanling sound signature.
  4. Wyville
    The M0 and M2X sound very similar from my brief comparisons so far, but the M2X is a step up in terms of quality. I have not done very detailed comparisons yet though, just with one set of IEMs (Custom Art FIBAE Black). So far I would say that you won't be disappointed by the M2X if you like the M0.
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  5. Dobrescu George
    Besdides both being good DAPs for their price ranges, M0 and M2X are different actually :)

    M0 was quite smooth, a bit too thick and a bit too laid back, M2X is more engaging, much better midrange, more dynamic and clear. Much better treble presentation. M2X is pretty much a killer budget DAP, where M0 was a good ultra-portable :)
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  6. endgame4
    If you consider $219 'budget', can I please have your budget? I sure hope M2X is mid-range, otherwise I will end up being very poor at this rate.
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  7. Wyville
    "Welcome to Head-fi! Sorry about your wallet."

    It might be a bit of a running joke, but when I first came here my budget was more in the range of "sensible", now it has gone past "bonkers" and is leaning heavily towards "are you insane?!". :D
    So yeah, the term "budget" is rather subject to interpretation around here. One thing is for sure though, the M2X sits comfortably in the "value for money" category.
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  8. AndySocial
    I'm always amused by the folks claiming that $800 IEMs are a remarkably cheap price point. My household income is in the top quintile for the USA, but if I drop $800 on headphones, my wife will shoot me.
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  9. Wyville
    Yes, it is a very strange hobby we live in. I can only buy the sort of gear I buy because my wife and I rarely spend on anything. No holidays because of work, no nights out because of work, honeymoon in a luxury hotel... because of work (my wife had a conference there). :sweat_smile:
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  10. Dobrescu George
    M2X sits well in the "budget" area, midrange is already X5-3 / M5S / Cayin N5ii / FiiO M9 / Opus #1S.

    Having a good price / performance ratio was always an advantage of Shanling, so I wouldn't worry about that, for the features it has and sound, M2X should probably move the market towards making stuff more affordable with better options, but as far as things are right now, I think calling it budget is fair, it isn't entry-level, nor necessarily an ultra-portable :)

    Pardon me, but I think those are two different issues :)
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  11. cleg
    My video review of M2x

  12. mattg3
    Disappointed that no case or screen savers in the box. Im concerned that the brightness was up 100% and it looked dull in review video.I feel keeping the DAP on highest brightness setting would use up battery pretty fast. Im still partial to the M6 based on its screen quality.
  13. Blazer39
    i don't think brightness was 100%, also keep in mind the reviewer used bright lighting setup projected into the DAP for the review purpose...if M2X brightness anything like M0 or any previews shanling DAPs then i think its fine.
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  14. cleg
    it was at 100%, I showed that in video

    sure I do. I mentioned that too. M2x screen isn't the best in any aspect (including brightness), but at the same time it's definitely isn't the worst one :)
  15. Ultrainferno
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