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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. vodanhkhack
    Yes, 100% agreed! Sound quality is most important. Do not waste CPU, RAM .... (and $) bla bla bla for the heavy android OS.:ksc75smile:
  2. mattg3
    You have definitely convinced me to at least wait until the M2X get released in the states. Im all about sound quality and loading my songs onto a card.Have no interest in streaming since all my music is in iTunes on my iMac thus Airplay will provide me with everything I need beyond what I put on the card. I love that you seem really in awe of this players sound qualities. Im sensitive to harsh treble and sibilance but flat sounding is not what im looking for.Hope you keep posting your impressions and thanks again for the help.
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  3. vodanhkhack
    @mattg3 what is your budget? The bigger brother of the Shangling M2x, the M5s is also a good option. I beleive the sound quality of M5s is better while it shares the Shanling sound signature...
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  4. mattg3
    My budget is undetermined at this time. I just want a DAP that presents my 30 year music collection in a new and exciting way which is why your thoughts on the M2X peaked my interest.Ill do some research into the M5. Im also looking at the Cowon Plenue D2 and the Fiio M11. I liked the look of the M2X in an unboxing video on youtube from an American in Japan who also did one on the Fiio M6. Keeping my options open and in no rush. Have you had a chance to compare the M5s to the M2x?
  5. vodanhkhack
    The M2x is not available yet in the market. I owned the Shanling M3s and now the M5s. I have tried the Cowon D, Cowon V and Sony A45, Sony zx300 before buying the Shanling ones. Cowon D,V and Sony A45 sound so boring to me. The Sony ZX300 is not as holographic as the Shanling M5s.
  6. mattg3
    Thanks for that information.I don't like the form factor on the M5 compared to the M2X where the whole front of the DAP is a screen. The Fiio M11 seems to be promising with some of the reviews starting to appear in that thread.Only drawback is that its a big player. Im just going to see what kind of user reviews it gets when its released in the US next month. Hopefully the M2X will also be out here and I can make my choice.
  7. Dobrescu George
    Hm, M2X is not shy of treble, but it really is far from flat, it is dynamic and layered, engaging and emotional, provided what you use it with can be driven power wise :)
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  8. lucifero13
    Good day! How would you stack it against the ES100? Im kinda leaning towards the M2X and I am hoping it will be an upgrade :)
  9. Dobrescu George
    I have not heard ES100, but I imagine M2X sounds better, since ES100 is comparable to BTR3, and M2X should be above BTR3 sound-wise
  10. maira
    Do you think SQ and Tonality is close to M5s?
  11. Dobrescu George
    I've no idea sadly, M5S is not available where I am, and I'm still waiting on @Shanling to send me one :)
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  12. Slater91
    Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that it can in fact drive the HD 6xx to reasonable volume, but it also has a limit in terms of how much volume you can squeeze out of it. I usually listen at music at a volume around 65/70 dB and the M2X works just fine with the HD 6xx in that volume range. Going up with the volume it may have issues in providing enough power to keep the frequency response intact (as in, the HD 6xx have higher impedance in the bass area and may therefore lack bass going up with volume as the M2X can't offer enough power). But it's definitely doable if you want moderate volume!

    (source: just tried this out!)
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  13. bracque
    posted by mistake... was going to ask about Spotify but Shanling was clear where the problem is on that front.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
  14. mattg3
    Has anyone who owns an M2X had a chance to compare it to a Hiby R3?
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  15. myusernameislove
    Hi, battery capacity is 4 times larger then in M0, yet the battery life is quite similar. If I will use M2X primarily as BT (LdAC) receiver with USB transport (to Mojo), and keep the screen off, will I get longer battery life with M2X than with M0? In M0 some users reported 3 hours only battery life in this mode, but that is SOC that relies on small battery. In M2X we got dac + amps + big battery, and if I intend not to use those amps and dac and only send signal out via USB transport, there SHOULD be significantly better battery life than with M0, is it correct assumption? 8 hours maybe?
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