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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. endgame4
    Please do it in May. March is just gone or quite far away. Looking forward to seeing the M2x generally available.
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  2. Dobrescu George
    I'm not sure how March would work for most people tho :darthsmile:

    Maybe May or June :)

    BTW, I still think M2X has a pretty sweet and emotional midrange, really eager to see the official firmware implement Tidal!
  3. Shanling
    Sorry, of course I mean May.
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  4. cathee
    Have had this for about 36 hours now and I gotta say I'm enjoying it.


    Couple of quick initial impressions -
    • 2.5mm BAL is a noticeable improvement over 3.5mm SE
    • ~15000 songs scanned in about 15min
    • battery life is good (better than good actually) but not great
    • still testing out the EQ but my TH900 responded well to the presets
    • also still testing out connectivity, LDAC to Tidal on my iPhone works pretty well but the volume is very low, I'm pretty much maxing out both my iPhone and the M2x to get acceptable levels. Compared to ~35/~50 on 2.5mm BAL and 3.5mm SE respectively.
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  5. darkcamel2018
    Im deciding between Shanling m2x or Fiio m6.

    Can anyone give their opinion
    1, What advantages does the Shanling m2x (£200) have over the cheaper Fiio (£120)?

    2. Is it true the Shanling is very slow to scan sd cards - I have heard 10 minutes for 10,000 files!?

    3. I use multiple SD cards and swap frequently - if I swap out A to B back to A, will the sd card need completely re-scanning and a long wait or will it only rescan the changed/new files?

    4. Any problems outputting hi res through the USB C to an external DAC via DOP? I intend to output from the DAP to my Music fidelity DAC via USB-C to USB-B cable (my DAC has a USB-B input)

    5. The Fiio m6 has Fiio music so I can control the DAP using the mobile phone.. still no sign of the Shanling app / update, despite it supposedly being beta tested for the last 4 months or so.. so thats one for Fiio m6 at current time.
  6. AndySocial
    That scan time, yikes. That continues to be one of the frustrating pieces of using a database-driven DAP - the scanning was slow with a Sansa Fuze, and it remains slow today.
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  7. graphidz
    I just got my unit yesterday from Jaben SG. But unfortunately the screen got an issue where the pixel lines went up and died suddenly. Not sure what is the reason since it's like only been a day I got it. So now I need to send it back to Jaben for an exchange.

    In the short time I have it with me, I love it. Feels chunky because it's pretty thick for its size, but nothing bad really.
  8. cathee
    1. I ended up picking the M2x over the M6 for sound. I've never been a fan of FiiO's sound signature (M9, X5iii, X7ii etc)
    2. Yup took me about 15min for
    3. Rescans entire microSD even if you're just adding 1 file
    4. No experience.
    5. No experience.
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  9. darkcamel2018
    very disappointed if its going to take that amount of time every time i swap a card. my 5 year old Cowon D2 with a much slower processor presumably takes a minute tops for a 128 Gb card, and this is 2019.. Things seem to have gone backwards :frowning2:
  10. Dobrescu George
    1. Larger physical size, midrange is not as cold, more emotional. Better overall sound, a bit more driving power I'd say. M6 is especially neutral, where M2X is a touch more emotional and has better overall midrange.

    2. It is rather slow, but my collection is bellow 10.000 files for my portable, so not sure how long it would take for that.

    3. Rescans.

    4. No idea, need to check. Shouldn't have any issues AFAIK

    5. I'm not sure, you should be able to use Hiby Link on M2X I think. Haven't tried yet though, need to check on that as well.
  11. vodanhkhack
    They have the android Shanling music player to control the M2x but unfortunately it is in Chinese only. Not sure when do they have an English version

    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  12. Isloo
    @Shanling - is there any prospect or timeline for Deezer to be added? Thanks.
  13. Music Enthusiast

    I'm really curious if anyone has had a chance to compare this to the Shanling M3S. I don't care about streaming/bluetooth etc...I'd simply like to know how it compares soundwise - and if it's clearly any better for sound quality, or in terms of sound, if I'm still better off sticking with the M3S. Any info. gratefully received. Thanks.
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  14. vodanhkhack
    Why don't you consider the M5s? I have both M3s and M5s. They share the same Shangling sound signatures: warm, organic. But the M5s ' sound is more refined. Soundstage is wider, more holographic. It is also more energic. If you use balanced outputs of both devices, the difference is very noticable.
  15. Music Enthusiast
    Thanks. But M5S is too expensive for my budget. I hope that someone can tell me if the M2X is better soundwise than the M3S or not.
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