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Shanling M2x - TIDAL || Wi-Fi || Both-way LDAC BT & BT Transmitter || Advanced USB transport || FW 2.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Feb 22, 2019.
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  1. Wyville
    Nice work, but you might need to make a small correction because the leather case is not included in the retail version of the M2X. I thought so too, but Shanling explained they included it only in review packages:
  2. Ultrainferno
    Thanks. I've asked Nano to modify it
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  3. technobear
  4. technobear
    The M2X doesn't use an AK4493EQ. It uses an AK4490EN.

    Didn't anyone read this after it was written? Sloppy!
  5. Blazer39
    its good written review but with lots of mistakes as you mentioned, in the sound section reviewer names the DAP Fiio's M2X.

    hopefully its fixed soon.
  6. Wyville
    Reviewing, well writing in general can be really challenging at times. I sometimes have that I re-read sections so many times that I start to become blind to my own mistakes and only realise it after it has been published. Even in my academic writings I have made mistakes where I wonder how I could have possibly missed something so obvious.
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  7. Ultrainferno
    I've alerted the writer, thanks for the feedback guys. I agree it shouldn't have happened. Sorry.
  8. milescheng
    Will the m2x sell in US
  9. nm1213
    Hi, am really interested in the m2x as a wireless source for my mojo. I'm currently using an m0 as a bluetooth receiver, subsequently outputting via USB to a mojo. However, my source is an iPhone, so am limited to AAC. I notice that the m2x has wifi. Will I be able to connect the m2x to a personal hotspot on the iPhone? If so, will the battery life for this be better than when using via bluetooth? What about wireless range, etc? Generally is wifi considered more robust than bluetooth?
  10. LazerBear
    I am not sure that I understand your question perfectly: are you saying that you would like to send audio from your iPhone to the M2X via wifi? If so, I don't think that's possible unless there's some way for your iPhone to show itself as a DLNA source to the M2X on top of the hotspot (I don't have an iPhone so can't confirm on that). Wifi is indeed superior to BT for audio since the bandwith is much larger: all audio sent through BT has to be compressed somehow (you might have heard of AptX, AptX-HD, LDAC, AAC; these all compress audio to a certain degree), at least with current technology. However, Wifi is not normally used to directly connect 2 devices: your hotspot just shares your iPhone internet access with the M2X, but does not share its audio output or internal memory.

    Yes, as stated in the first post international release is expected soon.
  11. nm1213
    @LazerBear thanks for replying. I'd like to be able to stream Tidal to the m2x by connecting to a hotspot hosted by an iPhone. I think the m2x has a native Tidal app.
  12. milescheng
    @LazerBear Thanks for replying! I am looking forward to the m2x could be released soon in the US. Because my friend in China already tested it and told me it is a nice product.
  13. LazerBear
    Ah, got it. Then yes, in theory you should be able to stream Tidal to the M2X using any wifi internet connection (like your home wifi or your phone hotspot). The caveats would be:
    - as far as I understand Tidal is going to be added in the global release firmware to come at a later date, so no one has been able to test how well it works yet
    - the M2X firmware is not Android based, and as such the Tidal application was made specifically for this platform. This means that functionality will be limited compared to the normal iPhone or Android Tidal app, and I believe that in particular you will be unable to save tracks for offline listening.
  14. Wyville
    Shanling is indeed hard at work with Tidal to build the app into the M2X. I have a test version of the firmware installed, but unfortunately I do not have a Tidal subscription and have not found a way around it so I could test it. You need to be logged in to access the app and Tidal does not have a stripped down version they offer for free.
  15. darkcamel2018
    Google Tidal free trail - 30 days.
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