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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, Aug 5, 2016.
  1. Shanling
    My advice would be to try restore factory settings. That helped me with these connection failed messages

    Can you also tell me what bluetooth headphones are you using? I have experience some cheaper bluetooth IEMs/adapters have really weak connection.

    Regarding stand by / auto shut down, we are listening to comments from both sides.
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  2. csglinux
    Same here. Auto sleep is just an unnecessary battery drain.
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  3. bachankas
    Dear @Shanling

    How is work on auto-shutdown going? Today my DAP once again got discharged because I forgot to turn it off..
    I am rolling back to FW 3.x with hope for 4.2 or 5.0 - does not matter - with auto shutdown option.
  4. csglinux
    I have this problem even after I've turned the device off. If you accidentally press the power button while it's in a pocket or bag, it turns on, then goes to auto-sleep, then the next time you go to use it, the battery's dead :frowning2:

    As others have said, the boot-up time is so fast, I don't understand why this auto-sleep feature is needed. Really hoping it goes away. Forever. I wouldn't even want it as an option, for risk of accidentally selecting it, or forgetting to select auto-shutdown instead.
  5. Astrogoth
    Dear Shanling,
    How long until the next firmware is released? Days, weeks, months? I'm having bluetooth issues and I am tired of waiting.

    Thank you.
  6. Shanling
    No good news for you guys.As I said previously, system is unable to support both auto shutdown and standby function at the same time(at least we are told). And not sure if we can release alternative firmware with auto shutdown.

    Actually, we are getting these complains only here at Head-fi. On our main market in China, there wasn't a simple complain, on other hand, people prefer standby heavily. So that is strange and we will look little bit more into it.

    It's the JBL bluetooth speaker problem you mentioned some pages page? Can you give us some more information?
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  7. Astrogoth
    I can, thanks.

    JBL Pulse 2 speaker.

    In pairing mode the M1 sees the speaker. The Pulse 2 shows up on the M1's "Available Devices" list. The "paired!" tone is heard from the speaker.
    When you try to play music through the link nothing comes out. Silence. If you go to the Pulse 2 name on the M1's Available list and select it a connected tone is heard then the M1 shows "Connection Failed". It does this with HiBy Link on or off. It does this with High Quality on or off.

    Of course the speaker works fine with all other bluetooth devices I and my friends own. Battery is fully charged. Volume is up. Volume on the M1 is 75.

    When will a new firmware be issued? Please.
  8. Shanling
    Obviously your problem is in pairing the devices itself, not in playing anything. Because the speaker appears in "available devices" and not in "paired devices", no connection was established between them so far. Not sure why does your speaker make any tone, since it obviously didn't get paired with M1.

    Is it possible to put speaker into some more open pairing mode, to see if it works?
    Would also try restore factory setting on M1.
    Does your M1 pair with other bluetooth headphones/speakers?

    Not sure about new firmware, no big problems to fix, no big feature coming. Always working slowly on some improvements, but nothing in hurry to be released.
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  9. csglinux
    How do I roll back to the earlier firmware that had the auto-shutdown and what features/bug-fixes would I be missing if I did?
  10. Astrogoth

    The speaker makes the usual paired sound, something flashes on the screen of the M1 for 1/4 of a second then it says connection failed.
    The speaker has been detected. The M1 just can't pair with it. My M1 has recently been reset to factory settings. At this time I only have the JBL bluetooth speaker here.

    No new firmware releases? Wow. Just wow.
  11. bachankas
    Just download earlier FW and put in in memory card root folder, then Update Firmware through DAP SEttings.
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  12. peter123
    That's not what they said, they said there's no obvious reasons for them to push out a new fw at this time as the device works as intended. For the record I agree with this, while using my M1 I don't detect any obvious flaws.....
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  13. Shanling
    Simply download older firmware from out website and continue as with standard update.

    If you go 3.0, you will loose HiBy link with iOS, some small tweaks, nothing big.

    Not sure what can be causing this problem. Was this problem also on older firmware?

    We can try to get some JBL Pulse to try ourselves. Meanwhile I would advice trying to pair your M1 with some other headphone/speaker.

    There is list of things that we want to get changed/added by HiBY, we will see when it comes. But there isn't anything urgent that we would need to be rushing to fix. Not sure why you are shocked?
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  14. csglinux
    Thanks for the advice folks! I'm going back to 3.0...
  15. HiFlight
    3.0 has been working flawlessly for me.

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