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Shanling M0 vs Chord Mojo

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Focux, Jan 5, 2019.
  1. Focux
    may i seek feedback from users who have:

    used/ever used or own/owned the Mojo as well as M0?

    would like to ascertain if the M0 able to produce better sonic performance than mojo

    excluding price ^

    am aware that these 2 products are very different but nevertheless,

    thanks all
  2. milesjunkie
    No, it cannot.


    Think carefully about your use case because the m0 (to me) sounds as good or better than a bunch of DAPs I recently sold after accumulating. You may well find the m0 suits YOU better than the Mojo. As much as i love it I don’t miss it.

    The m0 is some achievement and I can imagine its sound would satisfy a huge number of potential users in a blind test.

    But if your use case demands a weighty sound from full size headphones then you’ll be looking at a Mojo or more.
    Focux likes this.
  3. Focux
    think we both share the same sentiment

    curious to know if others do too

    thank you for sharing =)
  4. milesjunkie
    If I had been more confident that the poly would be something I could use without frustration, I would have kept the Mojo in a heartbeat and maybe even sent it for modding. But it wasn’t to be.
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