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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. fish1050
    So the UI changes being discussed, are they changes to the existing UI or will it involve porting MTouch 2.0 elements into the M0 as you mentioned several months ago?
  2. fogma
    Even from PC changing text in certain file ?
  3. endgame4
    You cannot access the internal playlists over USB, only the contents of the SD card.
  4. mathi8vadhanan
    All-BA, hybrid or single DD - this thing drives them all plenty. No hissing even with the sensitive DM6 (It hisses with Mojo). Pretty amazing at such a low price point.
  5. salla45
    Hi, I am mightily confused as to what settings I should use on my galaxy note 8 to optimise connection with the M0.

    Im quite keen on using the LDAC (high quality) mode on the M0, and that's fine, it seems to lock on to the Note 8 ok, showing LDAC on the M0 screen, but then I have loads of Bluetooth settings withing the developer options including:

    AVRCP Version (default setting 1.4, is selected, but there are 1.5 and 1.6 also available)
    Sample rate (it's set to default - ie system selection, but is showing 96khz when the popup closes)
    Bits per sample(it's set to default - ie system selection, but is showing 32bits when the popup closes)
    and finally
    Bluetooth Audio LDAC codec playback quality - set to Best Effort (adaptive bit rate).

    Any pointers to optimising this???

  6. Shanling
    Playlists are stored in internal memory of M0, you can't reach them in standard USB mode.

    Main thing, if you want to use LDAC in high quality, the LDAC is core setting you need set right. Rest is automatic set up and shouldn't have too big impact.
    I'm not sure what exactly is "Best Effort" in mind of Samsung. On my Huawei, Adaptive bitrate means it changes between three modes of LDAC, 330/660/990, switching to lower quality to keep connection. There should be something like "sound quality preferred", that will force 990 quality at all time.
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  7. salla45

    thanks. One thing i notice now is that the settings seem to change irrespective of what I physically set them to. Maybe the sending device is what dictates the setting on the recipient device? So, these settings in the phone are maybe only for sending?
  8. Rodnix
    Hello All,

    I bought the M0 after much deliberation. I have the moto z2 force... Which incidentally does not have the headphone jack.

    I've just begun exploring into the world of IEMs and quality audio. I've wanted a suitable replacement to that usb-c/3.5mm leach.

    The M0 does quite a bit of what I want and more. But, the M0 is not a 100% replacement to the dongle.
    • I still can't make phone calls.
    • I can't use the inline controls
    • I can't navigate using wheel between streaming audio
    What I like is that
    • I can use it as a bt interface for my old lsr 305s
    • I can load flac songs on the dap and play them directly (which I use quite a bit. And won't drain your phones battery)
    I would still very much like to make phone calls via m0. Is there a plan to make this happen?
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  9. mathi8vadhanan
    No, M0 does not contain the necessary hardware to receive mic input. You need the radsone ES100 for that, but you lose DAP capabilities.
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  10. fogma
    thanks dude. you made my day!
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  11. Blazer39
    you must be new to this friend, there isn't any DAP out there that make phone calls...including 4000$+ DAPs
    so your expecting too much from a 99$ device :)
    Rodnix likes this.
  12. salla45
    Do you mean you would like a DAP/Bluetooth transmitter/receiver with a microphone, to allow you to use it as sort of Bluetooth interface? I have a couple of those... The XB10 by Astell & Kern (APTX-HD) and a little clip on thing by Samsung (APTX). They're not true DACs nor DAPs though...
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  13. crabdog
    Beautiful job on the case! That is some very nice modding! :couplekiss:
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  14. DBaldock9
    @Shanling has said that there is not enough space inside the M0 for the required circuitry.
    In order to detect Remote button presses (for Play/pause/hook (Short Press), Trigger Assist (Long Press), Next (Double Press)) and to connect a Microphone - a 4 pole (TRRS) jack would have to be installed, an Analog to Digital Converter chip would have to be added, and code written to incorporate it into the system.
    Voltage references would also be needed, in order for the M0 to respond to additional Remote buttons, for Volume+ and Volume-.
    Rodnix, roladyzator and barondla like this.
  15. Rodnix
    @mathi8vadhanan thank you. I understand a bit more now.

    @DBaldock9 That was a detailed explanation. I see now. The M0 has a very different intended market than what I had imagined. I've just dipped into the pool. Thank you.
    You know, the M0 will have much larger market if they can cram in what you had said into, say the size of M1. I mean it does help in a very real third world problem. Also, the buyers would buy it just for the Bluetooth call feature, and I'm not kidding here.
    @Blazer39 totally new! As with all who venture into the unknown, we would test the waters before we dive into the deep end. :) I get it now though. The solution the M0 provides is actually to miniatureize a DAP and the others are extra features. Kudos to Shanling to be able to cram all that into the M0 (technology). They just need to revisit the intended market for the capitalization. Perhaps a product upgrade? I suppose a btr3 would help me with what I need.

    @salla45, Thank you for those recs you mentioned. I will take a look at those when I get a chance. I went from reviews and recommendations, got diverted from the btr3 to the M0 and I ended up buying that. Don't get me wrong. I like the M0 for what it does. It just isn't for me. And I reached this website because of the M0 .. So, that's a good thing :) thanks again.

    @fogma :) I'm glad that my misinformed comment made your day. This may not be the last though. Have a good one :)
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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