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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. barondla
    Agreed. Friends have abandoned that brand because of their numerous quirks. They wouldn't have used the q word either. Nothings perfect. Closest is probably Bitten Fruit and they don't do hi res or daps.
    I will stick with M0.

    I have another brand player that refuses to connect on one usb of the laptop. Other things work on that usb and the player always works on the other usb inputs. Computer stuff is always weird. I feel sorry for those that have to make all this work.
  2. barondla
    Don't think Shanling working on other models will slow firmware updates. They seem to be shooting for their own operating system to work on all their products.
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  3. canigou
    Hi to the Shanling team,

    This little MP3 player is great though there are a few ergonomic issues.
    Since the screen is so small and touch precision is not perfect I would suggest you add a "Gesture Mode".
    Let me explain myself :

    - Add a cursor highlighting a menu or a track (eg. : the background of the line could change color),
    - Make it move up or down by swiping in the same, or opposite direction, depending on if "natural" or "regular" scrolling is preferred,
    - Swipe from left to right to go back to the previews screen (as it already does behave),
    - Swipe from right to left to display options about the highlighted item (add to playlist, add to favorites, delete, play next, play last, move, etc),
    - Swipe from right-hand upper or lower corner to browse by letter,
    - Tap anywhere on the screen to select the highlighted menu or play the track,
    - Tap and hold to display information about the highlighted menu or track,
    - Double tap to go back to the home menu.

    That way you can get rid of the dots next to the tittle for options and the dots for fast scrolling to display longer tittles and also display smaller, ie. more, lines on each screen (since tapping precision isn't a issue anymore).

    I have some other UI improvements suggestions that I would gladly share if you are interested.
    UX is something I am very passionate about.
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  4. fish1050
    As someone who has worked in IT for over 30 years and runs his own IT business, problem solving not a joy when you do it all day for a living. Besides the M0 is not a computing device it is an audio device you can connect to a computer which has been possible for many years. I want to buy products that work not that I have to futz with to get it to work properly if at all. I now have a DAP that I can't connect to my computer anymore and it also can't be used as a USB DAC (tried it) since my computer can't see it anymore. It is now a device that is less functional than it was just a few days ago. Firmware updates are suppose to fix existing problems not create new ones. Yes Shanling is very responsive to posts on this thread and I appreciate it but as my ownership approaches 7 months a kind of hoped my M0 would be closer to being a finished product not further behind.

    I have tried everything that has been suggested including resetting the unit with the pin hole. None of it worked so if there is another product out there that works better for about the same money I will consider it at this point. This has been a great learning experience at least. I learned quite clearly now not to buy a DAP until every feature is added and all issues have been fixed so thanks for the lesson Shanling.
  5. fish1050
    True but since each DAP is slightly different including some features I would hope it isn't going to be on size fits all for every device. Shanling is already on MTouch 2.0 OS which is still yet to be ported to the M0. If it was an easy thing to do they would have done it by now I would hope.

    Okey I have vented enough for today, hoping @Shanling will have some information about a fix I can try so I can once again connect my M0 to my computer.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  6. J Kelley
    I have been using firmware version 2.3 on both of my M0's since the day it came out. I still can and do connect to my Windows 10 computer in both USB and DAC mode regularly without any problems.
  7. jj69
    I'm having no luck getting the M0 to connect to a my iBasso D14 DAC/amp via USB-C to SPDIF cable.

    Are there specific settings I have to change in the System menu to get the SPDIF connection to function? I've tried everything with no success so far.

    When I connect my Hiby H3 to the same DAC using the same cable, it just works with no issues.

    The USB-C to SPDIF cable is Hiby branded if thst matters?
  8. roebeet
    I don't generally use the M0 as a DAC, but just checked my Windows 10 build 1809 system (using the M0 USB driver INF) and it is working (USB/DAC both). I'm on firmware 2.3.

    Also pulled out my Lubuntu laptop, tried the device there and it's also working fine. Of note is that I'm seeing 24/96 on both devices in DAC mode, when I play a 24/96 digital file - I thought the DAC only supported 24/48 max or did I read that incorrectly?
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  9. DBaldock9
    I believe it's only the Cayin (and possibly HiBy) DAPs that use a couple of non-USB pins in the USB-C connector, to bring a SPDIF coax signal out.
    Shanling DAPs do not have that feature.
  10. jj69
    Really? I thought this is how people are using M0 wuth their Mojo?
  11. DBaldock9
    I'm fairly certain the M0 is only able to send audio via USB, to the USB input on the Mojo.
  12. technobear
    Ah, but have you had the last word?

    I thought I had this problem yesterday. When I connected M0 to the computer it just showed the battery charging image and then turned off because the battery was already full.

    I then turned M0 on to check the settings. With the Now Playing screen visible I tried to connect again and this time it worked straight away. Maybe then the trick is to turn M0 on first before connecting. Here's hoping that works for you too.

    On the subject of turning on, I found a similar issue when using M0 as a DAC for my Win 7 laptop. If M0 is off, the driver doesn't load. Turning it on after connecting doesn't help either. Again it is necessary to turn M0 on first and then connect to the pc.
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  13. technobear
    Thank you for this tip!

    I did it the opposite way to you though. Rather than mess up my 'Artist' tags, I put the album artist in the 'Composer' tag. Now I can browse by album artist except M0 calls it 'Composer'. Brilliant!

    I found a way to automate the conversion using Media Monkey (such a useful app). The function 'Tag From Filename' allows you to construct a pattern of how the pathname should be interpreted into tags. I just used <composer> instead of <album artist> in the pattern and check the box to update empty tags only. I applied the function to the entire collection. It took about 5 minutes to chew through about 7500 tracks. It took quite a bit longer to transfer all 230GB to the micro SD card but a couple of hours later all is good.
  14. fish1050
    Flashing back to firmware 2.2 and back to 2.3 fixed the problem, don't ask me why

    Okey so having exhausted every other solution I flashed my M0 back to firmware 2.2 and again did a pinhole reset. Much to my dismay it did not fix the problem my computer still couldn't see my unit. To make sure it isn't my computer having problems I connected an external hard drive and flash drive to multiple USB ports and they connected every time without issue.

    So I figured if my M0 simply isn't going to connect to my computer anymore I might as well flash to firmware 2.3 again. Just to see what would happen I connected my M0 to my computer and it now connected. Each time I have flashed the firmware it updated without a hitch and yet it took going back and forth to fix the problem. I am now so gun shy about doing firmware updates with this unit I will wait until the firmware that adds replaygain before I try and update again.
  15. Natsume
    Same here with Windows 7, Ubuntu 18.10 and Xubuntu 18.04.01 on different machines.

    Bluetooth connection also works just fine with Ubuntu, Android 8.0 and my two Bang & Olufsen A1.
    No problems with firmware 2.3 so far.
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