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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. Bunders
    Hi, I have a bug report, I guess.

    My Shanling M0 would skip the folder named "The Men From W.O.M.B.L.E." as the folder name appears on the digital download from 7digital, with some error.

    After some investigating I found it works if I delete the last "." from the folder name, otherwise the album is skipped.

    Otherwise, loving my m0.

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  2. fish1050
    Just spent several hours listening to my M0 paired with my Fiio Q1 DAC/amp via LO. I have to say the difference adding an external amp even an inexpensive amp to the M0 takes this baby to a whole new level of sound quality. To my ears the amp section of the M0 is really holding the M0 back from being a great sounding DAP vs the good sounding DAP it is. Of course this is frustrating to me because I bought the M0 because it has more power than my A17 so I wouldn't need an external amp and it is super portable. Adding the external amp sounds much better but destroys the whole portability of the M0. Lets face it the M0 is definitely not ideal for stacking.

    Honestly if you are looking for an inexpensive amp or DAC/amp to use with the M0 try the Fiio Q1, you won't be disappointed and the Q1 with its slightly warmer sound adds the touch of warmth that I feel the M0 sound is missing. I actually prefer the Q1 to the Q1-II as the Q1-II has a better DAC section but the amp section isn't as good as the Q1 and the M0 clearly benefits from a good external amp.

    I think if Shanling pairs this ESS chip with a better amp on their next DAP like say the next version of the M2S or M3S I would buy it in a heartbeat. Still might spring for the M5S if it ever gets released in Canada.
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  3. J Kelley
    According to the second post, the headphone amp is integrated in the ESS Sabre chip.
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  4. originalsnuffy
    I use the M0 with relatively efficient IEM units and its sounds great to me. Now its true that I am not cranking the volume; but I never experience clipping or what have you.

    The units are the FLC8S; IBasso IT-01, and LZ-A2.

    I use the M0 for sports (biking, elliptical) and travel.
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  5. ferni2018

    I suppose because the size is very small, you can not have everything, for me it is perfect, otherwise there are bigger DAPS with better AMP, greetings
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  6. fogma
    Anyone knows if it's possible to use m0 as a source for Android device via USB (phone or car media). maybe there's any Android app that can do so ?
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  7. Nolbert0
    Just to chime in, i LOVE my m0. Bought it at CanJam London and have used it almost daily ever since. My main use is as a bt receiver for my iPhone (a necessary evil if i want the luxury of sitting with a phone in my pocket). The addition of controls in bt rx mode was huge for me. Big thank you. Running on aac, the m0 is a noticeable upgrade to not only my previous bt receiver but the hp jack on my SE. Kudos Shanling

    However, there are little niggles and gripes that stop it from being as perfect as it can be.
    First is the latency. Both in bt and usb modes. If i try to watch any kind of video on either pc or phone, the entire experience becomes unnecessarily frustrating. It is this blemish that stops this thing from being a part of the headphone itself.
    Second is the eq but that's been mentioned umpteen times here already so i won't... Or did i?
    Third is the sd slot cover. Admittedly, this is not pertinent to the functioning of the device but it annoys me every time i encounter it. Why is it there? Is it waterproof or something? It's so hard to pry open and I'm scared I'm going to tear the rubber gasket every time i dig my nail under it. It takes a good few attempts to open it too. And once you're done with the sd flap, it doesn't sit very well or flush either. Maybe i just have a janky Sd slot cover but nevertheless it's super annoying. I have multiple sd cards but i hate swapping cards on this DAP specifically because of this reason.
    Next one is hardware so hopefully we can see it in the next iteration of the m0. The mic. How complete of a device would this be if it had a little hole at the top that served as a mic? Then i would have an uncompromising and complete experience with this thing. The M0 would become the 'it girl' of the audio and mobile world simultaneously and we'll drive off into the sunset together...

    What? Back to the topic at hand, please

    For the app, would it be possible to add the option for audible notifications from phone to m0? Vibrate is sometimes hard to notice while walking. I use the m0 mostly while I'm out and about. And the app can't come soon enough in my opinion. Love the size of the chassis, not so much the size of the screen. I know u can't have one without the other so... App please?
  8. fish1050
    Yes it is but from what I understand you don't have to use the built in amp. Shanling could choose to pair the DAC section of the chip with a better quality amp chip in a higher end DAP. That way they could leverage their buying power using the same ESS chip in multiple models but a better amp chip in the more expensive models. Lots of DAP makers do this.
  9. fish1050
    Oh yeah don't get me wrong I understand the size and price restriction of the M0 and for the price it is a very nice little DAP. But if I am looking at a higher end Shanling model down the road I would expect it to have a separate higher quality amp chip. ESS is known for their DAC quality in their chips but a higher quality separate amp section would be a must for me on a more expensive model.
  10. Focux
    hello all,

    may i seek feedback from users who have used/ ever used or own/owned the Mojo as well as M0?

    is M0 able to produce better sonic performance than mojo?

    excluding price ^

    thanks all
  11. davidcotton
    Only thing that's stopping me using the m0 as my main daily driver? Lack of audiobook/podcast support which has been promised for a while now. As soon as (if?) that gets implemented I'm done with full size android players.

    Have learned not to buy any mp3 players that don't have the options I need out of the box though.
  12. hornytoad
    I would say no but for 100 bucks the MO is till worth buying , even if you just use it for the gym or travel.
  13. originalsnuffy
    The question about the M0 vs Mojo is like asking if my Toyota Corolla can beat a Porsche. No, but given the 5x price difference what would you expect?
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  14. titanquests69
    Is there podcast/audiobook support already?
  15. Zachik
    I am anxiously waiting for audiobook support as well. Still hoping it is a matter of "when" and not "if"...
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