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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. P3108
    Ok so I am going to ask JAS about the query I have and I do appreciate the reasoning behind you using the ba
    Ok so I am going to ask JAS about the query I have and I do appreciate the reasoning behind you using the badge and that you have an NDA in place.

    I will be interested to see if they will bother responding and I do appreciate your prompt replies. This sort of communication with the customer has to be valued.
  2. fish1050
    So why is the HiRes sticker not on the M0 if it is certified? At least the sticker isn't on the unit I bought. My Sony A17 has it on the front.
  3. Shanling
    Because you don't need to put sticker on it, that's up to the manufacturer and it can differ from model to model.
    We tried it, but it looked horribly on tiny M0. We are fine with having it on packaging, promo materials, website, etc.
    For same reason there is no Hi-Res sticker on Shanling earphones.
    Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Shanling-Audio-603230783166845/ https://twitter.com/ShanlingAudio https://www.instagram.com/shanlingaudio/ http://en.shanling.com/ frankie@shanling.com
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  4. P3108
    Ok question asked of JAP. Let's see if they respond.

    What are the chances of adding a leading silence to DoP (and D2P I guess) in the software to combat the clicks please?
  5. endgame4
    You know they are called JAS, right?
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  6. P3108
    That's them
  7. TheoS53
  8. fish1050
    Thanks for the clarification on that, wasn't sure if the sticker was a requirement and don't care quite frankly. Never been a fan of the whole HiRes silliness and I can see how it would look out of place on such a small device.
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  9. AndySocial
    Because putting stickers on expensive electronics is trashy? :)
  10. rdale
    Excellent review! The only thing I would add is that the M0 is suitable for using with large music collections if you use it in shuffle mode and don't try and select individual tracks. I've got a 128gb micro sd card and I put all the music I've bought in the last 18 months or so on the card and play it at random. That use case works great, and the screen shows the current cover art which the iPod shuffle couldn't do.
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  11. TheoS53
    Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

    I truly do hope that Shanling will be able to clean up the UI to make it a bit more intuitive to use. They've created an amazing product that has the potential of being really epic if given the right amount of TLC to the software
  12. fish1050
    Yeah but how will I know if it is HiRes certified if I don't see the trashy little sticker on my device. I mean people will think I bought a cheap substandard device without it, how will I ever live it down, my peers will shun me now!! Damn you Shanling for not being conformists. :ksc75smile:
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  13. endgame4
    You can probably order a whole box of Hi Res Audio stickers from Aliexpress for just a couple of $ and certify everything you encounter personally! I prefer Hi Res cactuses myself.
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  14. abitdeef
    When I got my Cayin n3 the thing came with like 4 hi res stickers. So if you want me to certify your dap for hi rezzzzz (10h to 99khz) then just pm me :wink:

    Of course I’ll need your dap for at least a month ( testing is very thorough) but at least you’ll know it can produce ultrasonic frequencys - which any modern dac and amp can do :wink: cough...

    But you’ll have that wonderful sticker and the pride that your dap was not only certified hi res but hi rezzzzz:)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
  15. endgame4
    Very nice review. I agree with many of the points you make, in particular that the available space in the menus could be used more effectively.

    At the price point of the M0, I think it might be more targeted towards enthousiasts looking for a step up from entry-level players. That was at least my reason for buying the M0. After a whole string of plastic, monochrome, noisy (Sandisk Sansa) players I wanted something better that would not break either bank or back. The Shanling M0 hardware is a massive step up from anything I had before while still being very compact. I combine it with the modest FiiO FH1 IEMs and it is the best sound I have ever had.

    A lot more can be done with the software on this device making it an even bigger pleasure to use. Hopefully when the M5s is out, the M0 will get more software development attention. I really hope that Shanling sells enough units that they can keep devoting resources to software development.
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