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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. tim0chan
    No. And why would you want that? Just use it as usb dac
  2. mentega
    I'd like to stream music from my library to the cans while away from the desk. Using LDAC.
  3. tim0chan
    Store the music in the m0 and transmit direct? Why bother connecting to the Mac? Also, it would be easier for me to be notified of your reply if you use the quote button
  4. jelbo
    Haha, it's so obvious. I've seen more than one trying to go through all kinds of hoops. Just use a microSD, lossless audio files and wired headphones for the easiest, most stable and best experience. In my opinion.
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  5. davidcotton
    Yep. Bought a pair of sony wireless headphones in a recent sale and didn't like em. Too much faffing about. Just plug in headphones press play job done.
  6. SilverEars
    Have you even considered it's simpler not to transfer/store to M0 every-time you want to listen to something from the MAC music library?

    I think he wants the LDAC function wirelessly to stream directly from his library.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  7. TLDRonin
    So how do you go about making playlists? Do you have to manual do everything on the m0 UI?
  8. greatwhite58
    The point being that he has posted that on several occasions. That was my point.
  9. tim0chan
    How big is his library anyway? I personally prefer to store all my music in separate SD cards, organised by genre
  10. VRacer-111
    M0 pairs nicely with the Mobius - LDAC is dang good sounding...just got the Mobius in today:


    Is there any way to connect it directly via USB-C and have volume control? It works via USB-C, as in it it plays the music - but absolutely no control of volume from either the M0 or the Mobius, with both turned down to their minimum the sound is still at maxmimum output and LOUD... smooth though... smoothest most pleasant deafening loudness I've ever heard.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  11. rdale
    Here is a picture of the M0 used as a USB transport via an iFi OTG cable my iFi Black Label iDSD Mini:
    And here is my tiny JBL Sound System: IMG_20180904_191931869_LL.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
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  12. HirschiAUT
    Thats the exact setup i will have when my Mobius arrive!
    My hope is that with LDAC it sounds as good or better as my Oppo PM-3 with either the M0 or the L&P L3, want to get rid of dem wires when commuting.
  13. fish1050
    Never been a fan of Sony headphones in general but the few bluetooth I have tried not impressed. As you say to much futzing around and I have yet to hear any wireless headphones that sound better than my wired babies. Call me old fashioned and yes I am old but for me it will always be wired headphones all day everyday.
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  14. fish1050
    The last post I recall before this about firmware update @Shanling said he was told their would be one in August. August passed and it didn't happen so I wanted another update for my own piece of mind. Now I know thanks to his last post that M0 has taken a back seat to the M5S right now. Sorry but I liked to be kept up to date on stuff. If I want information I will request it, @Shanling is not obligated to respond. Again why should you care if I ask for an update? I see alot of posts requesting the same information over and over but I don't jump in. I respect their right ask for information whenever they want.
  15. jeanolivier
    Today, M0 tested whith new Sony wh-1000xm3
    Works great , LDAC HQ .
    But very important decrease in volume between FLAC and DSF ( SACD files ).
    DSF is too low (50% less)
    Argh !
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