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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. qafro
    How does M0 sound like connecting with Hugo2 DAC?
  2. oldschool
    Just 30 min ago, while sitting in my pocket, the player skipped a track, added the next one as a Favourite and changed the play mode from List All to Shuffle. I went back to the original track and this time it played fine, so the problem is not in the file. .. What???
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  3. endgame4
    Aha! I thought I was seeing things. I have had my play mode changed to shuffle several times too but thought it was me being clumsy and perhaps touching something without noticing.
  4. Shanling
    According to our engineers, M0's output is bitperfect and there is no processing.

    Of course when you enable EQ, it's something else and of course it changes sound, as would any software on your phone or computer.

    Please contact your seller and ask him for replacement unit. This might be the "ghosting" issue we had on few early units.

    Can you try with any other BT device?
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  5. fish1050
    I have noticed it once in awhile and assumed I hit the shuffle mode icon inadvertently while swiping. I really think Shanling needs to swap and put the progress bar and track count on the main playback screen and put the shuffle mode, favorites and Playback options icons on the secondary screen. That to me is more logical and more in line with what I am use to from my Sony A17. This should greatly reduce the inadvertent hits on the icons currently on the main playback screen.
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  6. kwangomango
    Hi. Thanks for replying.
    Please could you double check this statement, and maybe get your engineers to compare the output with android UAPP.
    I really don't think the output is bit perfect as it sounds noticeably worse than when using UAPP in bit perfect mode. It's also worth noting that UAPP sounds slightly worse when not in bit perfect mode and a DAC connected to an Android phone sounds worse still if you use a different media player other than UAPP entirely.

    In bit perfect mode UAPP bypasses the EQ entirely. This is similar to the 'Source Direct' or 'Bypass' switch you might find on an amplifier. These switches result in a sound quality improvement because the EQ circuitry is removed from the signal path.
    When using the m0 the EQ settings are still active, implying that the data is going through EQ software. - whether or not you set it to OFF or not does not change this.

    This is what the author of UAPP said about bit perfect mode:

    'Without the bit-perfect option enabled, all audio that is read from the file is converted to 32-bit floating point and then converted to the appropriate 16/24/32 bit integer format when sending to the DAC (after optional processing that you chose like EQ, balance,upsampling). This leads to an error for about 20 or so out of 16.7 million values that are 1 bit 'off'.'

    It would great if you could get the best sound quality possible out of the m0 as I'm sure many potential owners would be connecting it to external DACs.

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  7. sunshine83
    I only have my Apple Airpods, I tried with them and the m0 showed AAC on the top bar. That's so weird. So, do you think this is something Sony should be aware of? Are there any people using Sony's bluetooth speakers with LDAC? Can you guys see the LDAC logo on the top bar when you connected? Also what is the difference between LDAC-Connect(Auto) and LDAC-HQ? I want to get the best audio quality possible!
  8. fish1050
    I have two Sony LDAC speakers and no I don't see the LDAC logo on the M0 screen. But when comparing sound quality via LDAC with my Sony A17 I can't hear a difference. As for auto-connect this is the lowest quality LDAC setting and optimizes the connection over sound quality. As for LDAC-HQ it has the highest transfer quality but the connection is the least stable and frankly overkill. I use LDAC standard which is 600 Kbps transfer speed vs 990 for HQ (906 actually is the highest I can get). I can't hear a difference between the two even streaming to my Sony receiver and Standard gives a more stable connection and better range.

    When using my A17 via LDAC to my Sony receiver I can control the A17 with my receiver's remote control. I can't get this feature to work with the M0. So who knows maybe the licensed version of LDAC Sony offers to third party vendors is slightly different than what they use in house for their own products. Just speculation but maybe Sony doesn't share the whole LDAC secret sauce with other manufacturers just a stripped down version.
  9. fogma
    Im using wh-1000xm2 and it always shows LDAC at the top right corner when paired. Here's the speed of most bt codecs LDAC HQ - 990kbps. LDAC normal - 660kbps AptX HD - 576kbps AptX - 352kbps. LDAC Connection - 330kbps.
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  10. Czoken
    Can you charge M0 while also using it as Bluetooth dac?
  11. tashikoma
    No, charging only in usb mode (already wrote in this thread).
  12. Czoken
    Can't that be fixed with software update? I mean do i ask for much with this simple thing lol
  13. bflat
    Those looking for a good deal on an M0 can buy on eBay today with a 15% discount off anything. Ends at 10PM PDT. Got one myself out of curiosity.
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  14. paddler57
    PRONTO15 is the code... Expires 10pm Pacific time. Also... Only eBay users registered with an address located in the United States, Canada, Latin America or the Caribbean are eligible for the Coupon.
  15. abitdeef
    Even full price it’s a great deal, I’ve been using it as my ‘main’ serious listening dap even though I have access to more expensive daps. For instance I paid 700 dollars for my ak70 but I prefer the sound sig of M0.
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