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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. fish1050
    Speaking of firmware updates it has now been 2 months since the last one. While there has been alot of talk and speculation about what it might or might not contain no real eta has been given.

    @Shanling mention expecting one to be available last month so an updated eta would be appreciated. If I seem impatient it is probably because this is my first Chinese manufactured DAP and I am not use to waiting on firmware updates.
  2. dissembled
    Adding a recently transferred list would be swell. :smile_phones:
  3. abitdeef
    If it makes you feel any better fish, Korean daps aren’t much better with firmware updates. I suspect it’s because hiby isn’t doing their firmware anymore as it’s all done in House now so probably less people to work on it

    That said some feedback on exactly when it’s coming would be nice.
  4. endgame4
    They are probably all busy working on getting the M5s ready.
  5. technobear
    Software development takes time and we have given Shanling a long list of features to work on.
  6. paddler57
    Two months is not a big deal at all. It's not like this thing is riddled with major bugs and is widely unusable. It's more like a few annoyances and some things people want to see. Big difference. Plus, being the first player with their new OS, I'd rather see more polished updates as opposed to more frequent ones that could end up breaking things that already work just fine or are just rushed in general. As has been mentioned, this isn't Sony or some other billion dollar corporation. Take a chill pill.
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  7. endgame4
    Modern software development is releasing early and often. They could label it beta and we would all still jump on it.
  8. fingertrouble
    And then complain if it isn't working properly even though it says beta :wink:

    That sort of rapid development is catch 22, and you have to live with bugs. Or have separate stable / beta releases. Not sure most consumers want to be that bleeding edge, tbh. They just want it to work, and the Shanling m0 does work, with a few minor glitches.
  9. paddler57
    And then some would bitch about things that are broken and how they didn't spend money on a device to be beta testers... :rolling_eyes:
  10. endgame4
    People on this forum are not normal consumers. I believe we would be happy to beta test.
    abitdeef likes this.
  11. davidcotton
    Been using this at work again today and loving it. One of the most hassle free daps I've had (and I've had a few).
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  12. abitdeef
    I’ll beta test all day baby!! :wink: Shanling PM me if you want me to beta test the M5s- for free even :wink: I mean my ears are platinum!!

    Oh, and you could have shortened your first sentence by omitting the last word. :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  13. greatwhite58
    Yeh and if a beta update ‘bricked’ the M0 I’m sure that would not go down well.
  14. greatwhite58
    I am just waiting for the next update and in the meanwhile I am listening to lots of music on my M0 and really enjoying it.
  15. endgame4
    True. With the lack of buttons and end-user recovery options that would be a risk.

    If only it would always do a firmware update without requiring interaction if it finds the update file on the microsd card.
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