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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. ShannyM0
    Yes but maybe separate these features out so one can make the device less responsive to single button presses causing it to turn on and still allow you to use standby mode?

    Or another idea would be to make a new option to be able to cause it to enter hold mode after not being used for a set amount of user selected time? Would simply require holding down the button for a bit to unlock it then.

    Another idea would be to allow the operator to turn on hold mode that would turn the screen on when clicked but that would require something additional to unlock it. Maybe something like once pressed, you then turn the scroll wheel a set amount of clicks then it would unlock? Would be faster than holding it down for 3 seconds and would be easy for the operator to do but would generally prevent the button just being pressed in a pocket from unlocking the device.

    That seems easy to implement and something you could just turn on or off easily but would actually act as a somewhat reasonably hold mode.
  2. paddler57
    Why not just make it a click then a screen swipe left or right. Like Android when not using a PW/fingerprint. You hit the power button and then swipe the screen to unlock the phone. Simple two step process.
  3. jelbo
    I think I've found a bug or it could become another feature request. This is one for the developers :)

    When I played a file over bluetooth (AAC) to my friend's Pioneer DIN head unit, a 2015 DEH-X4800BT, no track information was displayed. (/edit: same with my 2012 Kenwood KDC-BT92SD)

    Something is going wrong with AVRCP here.

    I think what happens is that the M0 is using a newer revision than what the head unit supports. So, for example, the M0 sends metadata in the 1.6 standard, while head unit only understands 1.5. AVRCP 1.5 is actually listed in the specifications.

    Please add an option to choose which version of the AVRCP protocol is being used, or, use an older, more widely compatible revision. By the way, the Bluetooth audio support and choices, like offering LDAC, are fantastic.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  4. Vimtoman
    Looks like the scrolling is there but it's a bit hit and miss.
    On a folder ,swipe the text/name of that folder very quick and softly and you can get it to scroll.
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  5. endgame4
    Use the search function on this thread for 'AVRCP'. You will find previous discussion and I think this reply as answer: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new...e-es9218p-fw-2-1.874859/page-99#post-14322650

    There might be no AVRCP support at all at the moment, as opposed to too new a version.
  6. ShannyM0
    That seems decent as well though. Not sure which would be better in practice? It already has touch built in so that seems easy enough to add. It sort of shows the grey Shanling logo right now when you turn it on then makes press it to continue. Maybe if it turned on the screen but at least didn't unlock it unless you then swiped? That seems easy enough to add and would be a helpful "software only" type of hold feature.
  7. jelbo
    Thanks. I was able to pause/play using both the Pioneer and Kenwood though, so that suggests (or proves?) AVRCP is being used, after reading about it on Wikipedia. Also, a Google search result showed me some OnePlus Android phones that had the exact same issue, and the cause was a newer revision of the protocol being used with a car head unit that only did older AVRCP revisions.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  8. recephasan
    Could you please add a battery indicator on the bluetooth screen? I use it as a bt dac all day, can't tell when it's nearing depletion.
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  9. PinkyPowers
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  10. Shanling
    No problem on your side. Just Sony decided to put some "filter" into their BT search, that should only show headphones, so you are not flooded with other random BT devices. Unfortunately it doesn't recognize M0, even though M0 shows as BT receiver/headphones to other devices. We are looking into this problem.

    Honestly, this is mystery. i wasn't able to reproduce this on any of our M0.

    It's build in feature of the system, as is said in manual. Swipe left on text to make it scroll. Apply for both music browsing and settings.

    From other users I heard that currently it takes too many swipes to get to the music. As always, you can never make everybody happy(without making settings with few hundreds items)

    Should be coming in next firmware.
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  11. georgelai57
    Thanks for the sterling customer service. Cheers.
  12. neo_styles
  13. endgame4
    Short review mostly. I liked the pictures.

    Can you please elaborate on this please:

    The lack of HiBy Link compared to previous Shanling players was one of the most heard complaints earlier in the thread. Makes me wonder what worked 'flawlessly' for you.

    It sounds like you tested playing music files on/from your phone through the M0. I am unclear how that relates to 'HiBy Link'.
  14. dissembled
    Does anyone here own the M3s or M2s and this player?

    What I want ultimately is a DAP with the sound of the M0 in a slightly larger player. It’s an annoyance operating the M0 while scrolling through songs. Many times, simply swiping up and down registers as touches that select that song instead.

    @Shanling Please give the option of altering the touch sensitivity I guess? This annoys me to no end.

    Any suggestions on how I can avoid this?
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
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  15. fish1050
    First What moment with my M0

    Just had my first significant glitch with my M0 doing something I had done 6 times before without issue. I plugged my M0 into my computer to add some remastered Eric Clapton unplugged tracks and that went fine. I left the M0 plugged into my computer for a couple of hours to recharge. Then I safey disconnected it from my computer again no issues. Then I tried to turn it on but the screen would not turn on. I waited a minute and tried again and the screen would still not turn on. My brain immediately went into trouble shooting mode.

    1. Need to determine if it was just the screen or if the whole DAP was affected. Plugged it back into my computer and it immediately showed up as a USB storage device, all good. But the screen stayed off and the usual microsd card image did not appear on the screen, it stayed off.

    2. Tried to turn on the player while it was plugged into the computer, that worked, the screen came on and the micrsod card image came on the screen, all good

    3. Safely ejected the M0 but again when not connected to the computer the screen would not turn on.

    I reached into my desk drawer to get a safety pin thinking I would have to try and reset the player but when I looked up the screen was back on. It shut off after a few seconds so I tapped the scroll wheel and the screen came back on. Turned the play off and then turned it back on and it turned on no problem. That was about 4 hours ago and it seems absolutely fine now. Not sure what caused the issue, just hope it was a one shot deal.

    @Shanling it has been requested that when using bluetooth the battery life indicator shows up. It would be nice if the battery indicator was also visible when the M0 is plugged into a computer so we know when it is fully charged. I normally charge via wall outlet but since the M0 will automatically start to charge when plugged into a computer USB port it would be nice to see the battery indicator then to.

    Also, instead of having the volume slider would it make any sense to have the - and + for changing volume on the main screen like you have to set the max volume? The slider is so small that when you try to use it you can't see the slider to know how much you are increasing or decreasing the volume and it is very sensitive and I keep maxing the volume unintentionally. To me the - and + would give much more accurate control of the volume.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
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