Shanling DAPs user theme

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Nov 29, 2017.
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  1. Nolbert0
    @Shanling are there any templates you can share with us? It would make custom backgrounds... possible?
  2. LumisP
    working on a theme...without an actual player yet.
    will share photos of the final theme when done and player bought.
    may also create a template unless @Shanling has one
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  3. Shanling
    Unfortunately this is all I got :slight_frown:
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  4. doctor01
    Hi guys! Sorry for my English. I am Russian. I'm writing an online translator.
    I created a theme for myself in beautiful bright colors. The theme replaces the standard tree. Also in the firmware there is a Russian language (in exchange for the German language). English language is. Download link.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  5. Shanling
    Looks beautiful! Tested on my M3s and seems to work flawlessly. Sharing to beginning of thread. Thank you so much!
    Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  6. foreverzer0
    I ran the unpack.bat file and clicked Yes to the User Control Request, allowing it to fully run until it self-closes. However, there are no additional files, meaning nothing was unpacked. Has anyone else seen this?
  7. doctor01
    Hello! The theme is in black tones (replaced by the theme of a tree). Maximum contrast. Based on the firmware 1.30. There is a Russian language (instead of Thai). I did at the request of one of the members of the forum. Also in the folder are 2 more themes with enlarged fonts (+2 and +4 values). Download.

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  8. bsoplinger
    I don't quite understand the "replaced by the theme of a tree" part of your description as I only see a plain black tones in the pictures. However it does look nice and interests me. How difficult would it be to convert to an English language version? As in can I do it myself or do I need to ask you?
  9. doctor01
    Replaced only the theme under the tree. Other topics are standard. Switching the language as usual. There are no problems. English is present. If you have selected English. Then nothing to change it is not necessary.
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  10. bsoplinger
    Ah, OK, I understand now. Bit of a language barrier issue I think but you got me understanding just fine now. Thanks for the theme. I'll definitely be sure to get it.
  11. doctor01
    Yes my friend. My English is bad. I'm writing via online translator))
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  12. KLK2A1
    doctor01, I would like to try this Black theme, but I get an error trying to extract the zip file on my iMac. Is this only accessible to Windows users?
  13. doctor01
    Greetings. I added the file without the archive. Please try. download. alternative link
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  14. KLK2A1
    That worked. Beautiful theme. Thank you very much! :beerchug:
  15. bachankas
    Great job. I was planning to do similar theme, but lack of time... :frowning2: Thanks!
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