Severe distortions on ACM-9600?!
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Oct 28, 2008
I got a relatively cheapo ACM-9600 (link below) headphones that went bad on me over night (quite literally) after now three months of use. I left my PC online over night to find in the morning that the audio is all garbled, severely distorted, and running at 20% strength no matter what actual volume is.

I've found two fixes so far:

1. Plug the jack half way in, instead of all the way in. Audio is fine, load and clear, except I have no actual left-right channel discrimination. (everything sounds like center)

2. Plug the jack all the way, but set the balance via software to either 100% left or 100% right. If I set anything different like both channels to 50%, ( center that is) or anything other than 100% per channel I get junk audio. Also, as with method #1, I have no left-right channel discrimination. (everything sounds like center)

Maybe grounding issue? I'm still under warranty so I can get a replacement.

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Cyber Acoustics

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