Setup from scratch?
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Jul 10, 2011
Is Flac better than alac?  or does it just depend on if I'm an apple guy or not?  Is WAV something to considered?

Don't use wav; flac or alac, it's your choice.  They're both fine.  I'm a mac guy so I've always used alac. But lossless is lossless and you can easily change the format.  ITunes only works with alac though which is why I recommended it.  
"So to your third point, If I rely on the computer DACs will it sound lifeless?  I'll spend a little money if I have to. and my current daily user laptop is a couple years old and I am always willing to upgrade a laptop.  I have three kids to give leftovers to."
I like the dacs on my macbook and ipod just fine.  YMMV; there are plenty of good headphone amp/dac combos.  My point is that if you get a pair of cans that are easy to drive (like the AKG 550 but there are plenty of others), you don't need the amp/dac and you can always add one later.  

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