Separate DAC W/splitters or upgraded Prelude?
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Jul 19, 2006
I want to be able to use the Z-5500’s when I am watching movies, listening to music, or gaming but also need the same source to output a clean enough signal to a Little Dot I+ amp that I have ordered for my Denon D2000 headphones, which will be primarily used for music listening and possibly movies late at night.

Simple setup would consist of the Prelude X-FI connected through SPDIF (coaxial) out to the Z-5500. I would use a custom built 3.5 mini TRS to RCA cable to connect the Prelude (with upgraded Burr-Brown op-amps) front L/R out to the input of the Little Dot I+ headphone amp.

Complex, more expensive setup would consist of the Prelude (stock op-amps) connected to a SPDIF (coaxial) to Toslink converter, then to a Toslink two way splitter. One output would go to the Z-5500 while the other output would go to the Zero DAC (would probably end up throwing in some B-B op-amps eventually). I would then run custom built RCA’s from the Zero DAC to the Little Dot I+.

I am really uncertain that the more complex and expensive setup is going to reap any real benefits over the much simpler, cost effective, and smaller setup. Also are there any noticeable differences between the coaxial vs. toslink digital signals?

I drew a quick sketch for a little better visual idea of what I am thinking of here.


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