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Sensitive IEM Hiss recommendations, ALO audio RX , IFI IEMatch, IFI Nano idsd BL

  1. Joshua Bernstein
    Hi everybody, I posted a similar thread about this before, but this is a bit of a different question.

    I have a pair of Campfire Orion's, which have a sensitivity of 114 dB SPL/mW and an impedance of 13.9 ohms. They are mostly used while I am at work or in public transportation.

    They sound really great right out of my phone, and I am not convinced that I can hear the difference between DACs so the one in my Samsung Galaxy S9 is sufficient. The only problem with them is they noticeably hiss and it bothers me.

    My question here is should I get an IFI IEMatch to kill the hiss, or should I invest in a portable amp intended for low impedance IEM's such as the Alo audio RX. Is there any audible advantage to using the amp here? I could also go with the IFI nano idsd black label which has the IEMatch output on it. Which would you all choose?

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  2. dairy
    I would suggest getting an IEMatch (perhaps from a place with a good return policy) and see if you're happy with the results. There are mixed reports on whether IEMatch does in fact affect how IEMs sound.

    I have a IEMatch for my Andromedas, which comes in handy when I want to use them with my laptop, or other noisy sources. Most of the time, however, I use them with a DAP (Fiio M6), and am very happy with how it sounds. I don't think an amp is absolutely necessary, especially if you are just using it for your Orions.
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  3. Joshua Bernstein
    Thank you for your suggestion! I'm strongly considering just going for the IEMatch, but I'm a bit torn still - mostly because of the Ifi nano black label. I could also use that one to drive my Oppo pm3's.

    Does anybody else have some experience with the IEMatch?

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