sensative ears? i feel the pain
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Oct 15, 2004
just got a pair of sr60's, and now i'm remembering why i sold my ms-1's. even after i got some opa637's in my pimeta, it was still too shrill. it's sort of a bummer, but i guess i have to accept the fact that my ears are quite sensative. not like it should be a surprise; i've always had difficult times at concerts etc. with noise level. i sort of feel like a junkie because i actually LIKE the brightness of the 60's, but my ears just can't take it, it hurts. do the higher end grados tame this treble spike, or is it indicative of the brand? i'm sure i'll get some senns etc. for a more relaxed perspective, but i'm curious about this. i'd also be curious how painfully bright the NEW dt880's are compared to the sr60's/ms-1's etc. i feel like a sell out
or perhaps an old guy telling those darn teanagers to TURN IT DOWN! anyway, anyone else have sensative ears?

ps: i can easily see why the sr60's are classic. they give some much more of an alive and "present" feeling than my er6i's. the band feels much more alive, less like i'm listening to a "recording"; to me that is the "IT" factor that is what i really want to experience in any recorded audio playback, period.

edit:......argghhh... jazz trumpets killing ears........but sound so good...........
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Feb 26, 2006
I have sensitive ears, I can't go in nightclubs and don't appreciate being with some of my friends cars who like to turn the volume up for no reason (how stupid they are).
I mostly listen to my musics in non noisy environnement at low volume, even when it's noisy I don't turn the volume up I think about my tinnitus (yes my left ear suffers of a light tinnitus)
but I don't have the same problem about treble. if I listen to musics with high trebles for an hour I get a headache.
can't advise you about headphones tho, cause I m simply a newbie.
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Aug 8, 2005
I'm a bit paranoid about my ears. I do have very slight tinnitus which is part of the reason I gave Classical music a decent chance a few years ago--had to find music I could groove on that paid some attention to lower dynamics, or dynamics at all. (So glad I did!!) But on long car rides (3+ hours) I have to put in ear plugs to give my ears a rest. I don't listen to music on planes because I don't have one of those sound eliminating 'phones and I'd rather not heap music onto engine noise.

I'm also easily distracted by any kind of noises. Just today asked some girl in the office to stop tapping whatever it was (20 yards away around cube walls). Could Not Think!

I have HD650s. I had listend to Grados before and could just not imagine listening to long periods with them. The 650s are much nicer to these ears.
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Feb 23, 2006
I'm hard of hearing, so my V6's don't screetch on me or anything. Looking to get audio technica woodies which i heard are known to have screetching mids

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