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Sennheiser's Own Balanced Cables for HD 600/650, HD 700, and HD 800 Available This Week

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Dec 10, 2013.
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  1. prot

    My measurement stick is decency...capitalism, comunism, imperialism, all those are temporary. But that's philosophy.

    I have nothing against people making profits and a decent living. But selling something for 10x the manufacturing price is *not* decent it is roberry. And marketing and advertising can also be decent..noone needs the voodoo fog.

    A simple ebay search will show many well built OFC/OCC cables in the $50-100 category and silver cables in the $100-200 category. Guess those vendors went to a diff business school. Cause I highly doubt that anyone is running cable charities.
  2. LFC_SL
    It is fine if you do not know but don't really see where you are going with only posting about one subject within a niche discretionary hobby. The entire forum is non essential. I don't choose headphones over the rent. That's the nature of the consumerism beast. Consumers attach value to branding, ease of use and personal need for the product.

    Only focussing upon a single base cost out of numerous other compulsory basic outlays is superficial and slightly naive Just a thought as it's rather cyclical to keep reading about copper. It's like shouting "axe and trees" at someone wanting a new bed.

    If you think you can beat the large players and independents at their own game then do it. I will need some custom cables down the line and look forward to your offer.
  3. prot

    Just saying "you dont know" is neither nice nor helpful. I'm not selling anything, but if you need a solid aftermarket cable here is "my" offer http://www.head-fi.org/t/729693
  4. prot
    And to go back to Sennheiser.

    Up to this announcement they were in my top 5 audio manufacturers list. I had nothing but respect for their products. Sound, build quality, prices, there was absolutely nothing to complain about. I own 5 (five!) of their headphones/earphones and I think their Neumann KH studio monitors are between the best and most reasonably priced.

    I also have a list for a nice Christmas upgrade: a $500-1000 headphone. Sennheiser 800 was sharing the top spot with Hifiman 560 but now it's off the list and will prolly be replaced by Oppo PM2. As a general rule I always try to shop locally but this is simply too much. Sorry, when someone tries to shove overpriced voodoo down my throat I tend to disagree. I wish they fire that marketing "genius" who came up with those wonder-cables and give the power back to the decent engineers who released so many amazing products.

    Anyway, this is just my consumer wallet voting "Sennheiser no way!". And I am just one guy with one oppinion. No need to agree with me, no need to argue with me.

    Enjoy your cables. Don'f forget the music.
  5. LFC_SL
    This is not a dispute about the pricing of boutique three-figure cable lengths. It is about how you got there [​IMG]
  6. i luvmusic 2
    Can anyone please tell me if the stock HD700 cable is 4 conductors?

  7. Soundwave76
    I just bought the CH 650 S cable for 59€ from a local audio shop, where it was sold as a demo cable. I hooked it up to HD600 and ADI-2 Pro to balanced out mode, with an XLR-2x6,3mm extension cable. Sounds good, though I can't tell any differences to the previous Cardas and/or stock cables... :)
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