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Sennheiser's Own Balanced Cables for HD 600/650, HD 700, and HD 800 Available This Week

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Dec 10, 2013.
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  1. hughscot
    IMHO expensive cables for Headphones or speakers is total BS.  Here is the definitive work on the subject.  http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm#introduction
    I used to subscribe to Stereophile magazine and when they first started hyping high priced cables I stopped.  It is all marketing.  
  2. hughscot
    If someone wants to spend a fortune on cable wire here's the ultimate.  
    Expensive Wire and Insulators
  3. hughscot
    And if you have some money left over you'd better get several of these.
  4. cpygui
    That's hilarious [​IMG]
  5. skeptic
    but wait, you haven't heard the sonic purity your rig really has to offer until you pay out for a: http://www.lessloss.com/blackbody-p-200.html
  6. TsukiNick
    The wires crowd is so sadly misinformed.  That money is better spent on ....anything else.
  7. aclacour
  8. younglee200
    I actually think I rather spend my money on cables than that Blackbody instrument or a $4686 power conditioning unit from that website.
  9. hughscot
    Speaking of wasting money I know someone who had a super audio set-up and he was so concerned about the electricity he had the power company run a dedicated line into his house just for the audio.  
  10. cantastic
    hi folks,
    Does one need to use the CH650S with a Sennheiser headphone amp, or is the cable compatible with a Sony PHA-1, which I'm thinking of getting.
    many thanks,
  11. elwappo99
    I assume you have the HD650 or HD600? If that is the case you need an adapter that looks like this:
    Unless you have that smaller connector on your cable.  This cable is for a "4 Pin XLR" connection. Some amplifiers require this connection. The HVD 800 has a "4 pin XLR" to connect to it, to get the full power out of the amplifier (see the black circles here)
  12. Widell

    I started laughing in my office when I saw this one, you got to be kidding me......then I saw the below "Blackbody Ambient Field Conditioner" and I felt like crying, are we audio enthusiasts really this naiv?
  13. HiSenn5
  14. SilverEars
    Wow, article from Director of Audio Research at McIntosh.  Very nice that even high-end audio system designers don't think cables affects are negligible.
    Anyway, thanks for you posts, you have nice collection of AudioPhooey.
  15. cantastic
    many thanks for your response.  I have the HD650, still burning them in but liking them so far.  But I have just the Sony PHA-1 headphone amp, so at the moment the Sennheiser Cable doesn't work for me.  What is a good source for the adapter you mentioned?
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