Sennheiser Urbanite XLBT vs HD 558 fit
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Apr 25, 2015
Hey all,
I'm currently looking for some over ear, high quality, and wireless bluetooth headphones. I recently tried on several pairs, and the two I really liked were the Bower and Wilkins P7 and the Sennheiser HD 558's, neither of which is wireless unfortunately. The biggest thing for me outside of sound quality is fit, I expect to be wearing these headphones for all of most of the day and I really need some that will fit soundly around my ears, not on them. My ears aren't huge, but a lot of over ears still feel a bit too snug for me.
The 558s are amazing, a friend of mine had some and I loved them. In general I really like Sennheiser. I'm wondering if their Urbanite XL's are just as comfortable, from anyone who has tried on both (or the 598s, or any of the similar shape 'phones).
Ideally I would go for a wireless version of the Bower and Wilkins, if anyone knows something similar to those. High build quality, and from what I've read excellent sound quality (unfortunately the demo model didn't have anything to listen to). 

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