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Sennheiser Sport Headphones Sweepstakes!!

  1. SonicElectronix
    Hope you like free stuff as much as you like headphones. We do and that's why we're bringing you not one but two sweepstakes this month. This time we're focusing on Sennheiser's CX, PMX and OCX line of sports earbuds which are all ergonomic, durable and sound great. No more questions on this one, all you have to do is take a picture of you and your friends holding a sign that says we love Sennheiser and attach it in the entry form.......or if you don't like sharing it can just be you in the photo but the more creative the better. Good Luck!
    Enter both sweepstakes for chances to satisfy your audiophile and athletic headphone needs.
    Audiophile Headphones Sweepstakes
    Sport Headphones Sweepstakes:
    1st place: Over $500 in headphones for you and 4 of your friends (1 lucky winner)
    (1) CX 686, (2) OCX 686, (2) PMX 686
    2nd place: Over $280 in headphones for you and 2 of your friends (3 winners)
    prizes per winner
    (1) PMX 686, (1) OCX 686, (1) CX 686
    3rd place: Over $200 in headphones for you and a friend (3 winners)
    prizes per winner
    (1) PMX 686, (1) OCX 686
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  2. Flamess
    Yes! I'll enter this contest, one question though, when is the contest over?
  3. SonicElectronix

    The contest ends November 8
  4. justrest
    This sweepstakes valid only U.S.A.. Big dissapointment like another Westone sweeptakes. :/
  5. SonicElectronix

    We would love to make it internation but US laws don't allow.
  6. SonicElectronix
    Cool image from one of our entrants.
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  7. Flamess
    Ok, submitted mine. I'm really excited about this! [​IMG]
  8. SonicElectronix

    Awesome! Good Luck
  9. Flamess
    Any ideas on who's leading? Me and my friends are stoked for this!
  10. SonicElectronix
    No one is leading as winners are picked at end of the month. Which picture is yours?
  11. Flamess
    The most recent one with 4 people. Sorry for any rudeness or arrogance, I didn't want it to sound that way [​IMG] After all, you guys were nice enough to put up this awesome competition! Sorry for that, I'm just a bit restless about it, since I usually never win competitions, but this competition is right up my alley. Anyway, thanks again for this opportunity :D
  12. SonicElectronix

    No problem.  Good luck.
  13. Flamess
    Wow, I can't believe I won! Thank you so much Sonic Electronix and Sennheiser. You guys rock! [​IMG]
    deadmaudj likes this.
  14. SonicElectronix
    1st Place: Diane M. from Florida   head-fi username: flames  ​
    "Wow, I'm so excited about this! Thank you SonicElectronix and Sennheiser for this opportunity! Me and my friends were literally jumping up and down when we heard. We're anxious to hear these awesome earphones in action!"
    Sonic says: No using headphones in class.....unless it's boring. JK​
    2nd Place: Thomas D. from Wisconsin.
    "Thank you SonicElectronix and Sennheiser for this opportunity."
    Sonic says: You look like some pretty chill people.​
    3rd Place: Ken P. from New York headfi username: headcasey MD
    "Thanks Sonic & Sennheiser for sound on the go!"
    Sonic says: Nothing like a cup of coffee and some headphones first thing in morning.
    4th Place: Daniel W. from California
    "Thank you so much to Sonic and
    Sennheiser for giving me the opportunity to
    enter and win this sweepstakes.  I'm super excited and cannot wait to bump some good tunes on these headphones!!"
    Sonic says: Pretty cool! Where can we get one?
    5th Place: Jessica G. Louisiana
    Sonic says: Such a lovely photo.
    6th Place: Adrien H. from California. 
     "Thank you Sonic and Sennheiser, I'm super excited to use these headphones. You guys rock!!!"
    Sonic says: Hope you got those HD600 from us [​IMG]
    7th Place: Ron K. from New York
    "Thanks Sonic and Sennheiser for this fun and awesome contest with GREAT prizes! You’re the BEST!!"
    Sonic says: Cool dog
    8th Place: James D. & his buddy from Florida.
    "Sonic and Sennheiser are the best :) I cannot wait to try out my new earphones at the gym! I'm already pumped :wink:"
    Sonic says: Studies say Sennheiser earbuds are the best gym supplement.
    9th Place: Robyn N. California
    "Thank you Sonic and Sennheiser for making my audio dreams come true! You're the best!"
    Sonic says: We're the best? Stop it......you're making us blush.​
    10th Place: Nick D. from Texas
    "Thanks sonic and sennheiser for the awesome products and the chance to participate in these sweepstakes. This is what makes such great companies."
    Sonic says: No friends? Once people see you with the Sennheiser earbuds on they'll know how cool you are.
  15. Flamess
    Sick, earphones just arrived!.. I'll some post some pictures, impressions, and make review(s). However, just wondering, should I make one big review for them, or make seperate reviews for all of them and copy-paste my sound section onto the others because I'm assuming they are all the same quality just different builds. Any recommendations? I want to get the most out of reviewing these [​IMG] 

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