Sennheiser SP25(II) -how do you detach cables?
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Feb 10, 2005
Hi all. I know it sounds like a crazy question - but I'm wondering just how the cables detach?! Just got the phones today. The box says " detachable" but doesnt say how. There were no instructions or leaflet at all in the box. Is it really just a case of pulling hard on the cable near to the earpieces?? I gave a brief (fairly hard) tug - but the things seem rock solid - and thinking about it (of course) you wouldnt want cable to detach themselves in normal useage!!

My subsidiary question is - can I replace with a shorter cable? The original literally touches the ground if fully unwound - I like my portable players in shirt pocket or on a lanyard - so ideally would like a short replacement cable - any ideas please?

PS after a few hours listening - I think they sound good!! And very comfortable. Thanks.
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Jun 14, 2007
The cables are detachable and don't yank from the cables, pull from the connector instead. That's if you mean the sennhieser hd25 sp II. The hd25sp does sound good, but still kinda dark though. I dampend my back cup to try to tame the bass and brought out the mids in the phone, but still kinda muddy considering it's price, but I paid way less than retail for mines. Burn in also makes alot of difference.

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