Sennheiser RS130 Wireless System Review
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Aug 12, 2003
I needed a replacement for my Senn HD590 which I primarily used for my computer and after a long deliberation I decided to get The Senn RS130 from last week. I was looking for a comfortable set of headphones, one I can use for hours without discomfort. Being in the Philippines, I can not demo headphones before I buy them so I had to depend on what other headfi members had to say about the headphones I was interested in. There was a lot of suggestions and I was torn between the Senn 595, Beyer DT880, ATH-AD700 and the RS130. I nearly pulled the trigger on the 32ohm DT800 but ultimately decided on getting the RS130 for a couple of reasons. One, it was a lot cheaper than the DT800 (I got the RS130, brand new, for less than $100). I also wanted to try wireless headphones. I use my headphones primarily for viewing movies and liked the idea that I didn't have to worry about wires for a change.

This is a mini review after few days of using the RS130.

Some of the positives are:

1. The cans came with a base transmitter and charger that doubles as a headphone stand, you just place it on the cradle after use and it automatically shuts off the headphone and charges the battery. When the battery is fully charged, it switches to trickle mode so theres no danger of overcharging your batteries. The transmitter also shuts off after a few minutes if the sound source is switched off.


2. The headphones are surprisingly light considering they carry the extra weight of batteries and the velour pads are very comfortable. These are comparable to my old Senn 590s. My only complaint in the comfort department is that it somewhat gets hot after a few hours of use, for those living in cold places this would not be a problem.

3. The volume control is on the headphone so if your lying on your bed and far from your source while watching a movie or listening to music its easy to adjust it. The range of the headphones is also adequate. I can go out and get drinks from my kitchen without losing reception, I can start to hear interference about 7-10 meters away from the reciever and it increases as you go farther from it.

Sound Quality:

An A/B comparison with the PX100 powered with a cmoy amp shows that although its great for movies and casual computer use these cans just wont do for music listening. It lacks punch in bass and the sound overall is muddy. Comparing the RS130 vs the PX100 made the PX100 sound like $400

Being a wireless device I expected considerable background noise, but with music or movie playing I was not be able to hear it. With the sound source paused or in-between tracks, I was able to notice it especially if I turn the volume up, but with music playing its a non-issue.

The receiver comes with a surround switch. I would recommend it for movie watching but not for music listening. Although it somewhat increases the bass, I don't like the unnatural effect it adds to the sound.

The cans currently has about 30 hours of usage and I expect it to sound little bit better after a couple hundred hours of burn-in since it sounds a lot better now than when I listened to it when it was brand new. I don't expect a night and day difference though and I believe it would still sound muddy after a couple hundred hours of burn-in.


Highly recommended for movie watching. It has good wireless range, its light and comfortable, it has about 16-20 hours of battery life. Adequate for casual music listening and computer use. NOT recommended for critical music listening. Kickass wireless system for the price.
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Thanks for the review! Every once in awhile I get the urge to pick up a pair of Sennheiser wireless, having had some about 10 years ago and liking them. However, I bought them to be able to move around the house, and they cut out sometimes. Not alot, but enough to be annoying. Charging back then was also more problematic than it is now, I understand.

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