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Sennheiser RS 170

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theoandtheb, Oct 16, 2010.
  1. theoandtheb
    Anyone here have experience with the RS170's? I've been looking into getting a pair of full size headphones to act as my stationary set to go with my more mobile Ety MC5's. I was originally trying to stick to the price range of the Sony XB700's (which were originally the ones I was aiming for) and happened to see the RS170's. More expensive, yet wireless and the invitation to a whole new world I have yet to tinker in.
    Some of the questions I have when it comes to wireless in general are:
    Is the quality the same as it would be for a wired equivalent? I get this feeling that while the quality is nearly indistinguishable, you can still tell that the signal is coming to your ears wirelessly as opposed to through a cable.
    Also, is there any interference on the part of the headphones affecting other wireless devices or vice versa?
    Any advice to confirm or deny these thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    i have a set of the RS180 and they rock.  quality is great and the freedom they give is fantastic
  3. theoandtheb
    The main reason I don't think I'll go with the RS180's is the open back. I prefer the closed back to keep out the surrounding environment and to keep the music to myself. That and the more expensive asking price have me sticking with the RS170's. Though I'm glad to hear that at least for Sennheiser's wireless headphones, the quality is still there.
  4. mark2410 Contributor
    grr this ****ing ****y site!
    anyway yeah i doent think the 180 are supposed to be a big step up but what i did read was that the 170 was far more suited and tuned towards films rather than music, not that i found much an them.  either way the audio quality is great and the freedom they give is just amazing
  5. theoandtheb
    I'd likely be using them for music. Honestly for $250, I would expect them to perform well whether it be tv/movies, music, gaming, etc. In the highly unlikely event they aren't even tolerable, they just get sent back. I originally looked at the 160's but the lack of a recharging stand made me consider spending the bit extra for the 170's.
  6. mark2410 Contributor
    id say grab them, i really cannot imagine youll be disappointed but i understand your hesitancy, i thought the same.
  7. theoandtheb
    Yeah I'll probably pick them up. The only way to know for myself what they're like is to ante up and just buy them.
  8. mark2410 Contributor
    just noticed this http://www.headfonia.com/sennheiser-rs180/
    "I first became intrigued by the RS180’s performance when Jude (Head-Fi’s boss) told me that he’s been enjoying music out of the RS180."

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