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Sennheiser RS 170 for PS3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mathxl, Jun 16, 2010.
    I am thinking of picking these bad boys up [​IMG]
    How would I be able to hook these up to a PS3??!?!
    I have no amp to run them through... what would be the easiest/cheapest solution without hindering performance? Would it be smart to just run it through my TV 3.5mm output? Would that decrease the sound quality?
    If I plug them into my laptop sound card ... which is a SRS (WOW) sound card would the sound quality still be great?

    I hate to bump but I'm visiting the states tomorrow and I need to know whether or not I should pick this up.
  3. Mr Joboto
    Do you really need the wireless? I'd just get an AD700.
  4. earerror
    The bass is not very booming on them...i think you need a superior bass if you are a gamer. 
  5. Ypoknons Contributor
    Gaming enjoyment needs strong bass but competitive prefers light bass to make it easier to hear footsteps and other environmental indicators. 

    So I decided to pick up the RS 160 instead for $199.99 USD and they are great! The bass seems find to me but I was never the type that payed attention to it that much.  My only complain is the range of these. I forgot to notice it is 20m for "line of sight" and did run into some rooms that would drop the signal ( not to mention my entire basement ). I can live with it but I should have gone for the RS 170 for 80m but maybe it would have not made a difference who knows.

    I also placed a order for the Astro MixAmp and see what it will be like paired with my PS3 via RS 160 -> 3.5mm -> MixAmp -> Optical -> PS3.

  7. winma
    I dont have much experience on wireless headphones, but battery life is an issue when you go with them...
    G luck with them!
  8. Mr Joboto
    I wouldn't buy a wireless headphone myself, but, to each his own. Enjoy them :)
    Well I have my Shure SRH 840 but those are like permanently attached to my iPod... [​IMG]
  10. Mr Joboto
    Fair enough :) Well, as long as you are happy with the headphones, that's all that matters.

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