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Sennheiser Q&A: Momentum True Wireless

  1. Sennheiser

    Uncompromised sound performance, state-of-the-art technology and refined design all come together in Sennheiser’s True Wireless premium earbuds.

    HeadFi Showcase and Reviews: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/sennheiser-momentum-true-wireless.23306/
    Sennheiser product page: http://www.sennheiser.com/momentum-truewireless
    Sennheiser Product Details: http://www.sennheiser.com/truewireless-details

    Common Questions and Answers
    We at Sennheiser wanted to provide answers to some of the most common questions being asked about the new Momentum True Wireless headphone, for those interested in researching the headphone and to aid new owners. Some more technical or individual cases may be referred to http://www.sennheiser.com/contact-center

    Before you start...

    What makes the MOMENTUM True Wireless so unique?

    Thanks to our 7 mm audiophile driver and an internal audio EQ, the sound performance of the MOMENTUM True Wireless is exceptional. The sound is delivered without compromise thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology, AAC and aptX compatibility as well as aptX Low Latency. In addition, the sculpted MOMENTUM True Wireless shape and premium ear tips of different sizes offers supreme comfort and has been meticulously crafted from high-quality materials.

    I work, commute, and travel all the time. Is the MOMENTUM True Wireless a good option when on the go?

    The MOMENTUM True Wireless features the sound, design, and portable convenience to make it the ideal everyday audio companion! In addition, it offers great passive sound isolation which blocks out ambient noise, thanks to the earphones’ perfect fit in the ear canal.

    Is the MOMENTUM True Wireless waterproof?

    MOMENTUM True Wireless was successfully tested to meet IPX4 standards, which means they are splash resistant and can be used in the rain. However, they are not meant to be submerged under water or worn in the shower.

    Can I use one earbud side stand-alone?

    MOMENTUM True Wireless headphones deliver stereo audio via their left and right earbuds. However, the user can use the right earbud, which serves as the ‘master’ earbud establishing the connection to the pairing device, stand-alone for phone calls and voice assistant access. When removing the left earbud, the ‘Smart Pause’ feature stops the playback. It can be restarted using the play control of the smartphone.

    What Bluetooth codecs are supported by the MOMENTUM True Wireless?

    MOMENTUM True Wireless supports current Bluetooth codecs such as SBC, aptX, aptX Low Latency and AAC. Advanced audio codecs (like aptX and AAC) provide hi-fi audio that allows you to enjoy the rich listening experience that the Sennheiser user expects.

    What are the benefits to the user of the aptX Low Latency codec?

    aptX Low Latency ensures that a Bluetooth-enabled device delivers sound in sync with visual media. It minimizes latency and improves the end-to-end speed of the audio transmission, resulting in a high-quality, synchronized experience.

    What is the battery life of the earbuds?

    MOMENTUM True Wireless delivers up to 4 hours of playback time. Using the charging case, which features an integrated power bank, the earphones can be charged for an additional 8 hours of battery time on-the-go. If you charge the case for 10 minutes, the earpieces will gain up to an hour of playback time.

    During Use...

    What should I check or adjust to make sure the sound is at its very best?

    The MOMENTUM True Wireless has been created to provide exceptional sound performance, thanks to our 7 mm audiophile driver, the internal audio EQ and latest high-quality Bluetooth codecs.
    However, in order to experience this sound to the full, it is essential to correctly place the earbuds in the ear-canal and to choose the best-fitting ear adapter set. The MOMENTUM True Wireless packaging includes four sizes of ear adapters (XS, S, M, L). The MOMENTUM True Wireless quick guide explains precisely how to twist the earbuds into your ears to form a perfect seal within the ear-canal.
    Additionally, the sound may have been adjusted using the EQ function of the Smart Control app. To see if this is the case, connect to the Smart Control app and check the equalizer settings to ensure the desired sound.

    When watching video or gaming on my device is there a recommended way to ensure the sound is in sync with the visuals?

    Synchronization can be dependent on the Bluetooth technology being used by the device. For best results make sure you are using a Bluetooth device which features aptX Low Latency (LL) compatibility which ensures perfect synchronization of sound and image.

    Will the Transparent Hearing feature be affected by windy outdoor conditions?

    When using Transparent Hearing outdoors in stormy weather conditions or when cycling, wind noise may have impact on the Transparent Hearing experience. As MOMENTUM True Wireless has been designed to be portable it utilizes small microphones which due to their compact nature can’t also be optimized for certain strong wind situations.

    What settings are recommended to get the four-hour battery life that’s specified?

    The specified battery time of four hours have been confirmed for music listening on an average volume level while the Transparent Hearing feature has been turned off. The battery time may differ under different operating conditions.

    Do the earbuds switch off automatically when not in use?

    Yes, the MOMENTUM True Wireless has integrated power-saving features.
    When the earbuds are connected to a Bluetooth source but not in use (i.e. no music streaming, phone calls nor voice assistant interactions), they will switch off automatically after 60 minutes.
    When the earbuds are disconnected from a Bluetooth source, they will switch off automatically after 15 minutes.
    To turn the earphones on again, press each touch pad for 2 seconds.

    If a problem occurs...

    How can I restart the earbuds?

    If the functions of the earbuds are disturbed, you will need to perform a manual reset:
    - Use the USB cable to connect the charging case to a power source.
    - Insert the earbuds into the charging case and, within 60 seconds, touch and hold the right
    and the left touch control panel for 6 seconds simultaneously. This will restart your earbuds.

    How do I check for, receive and install firmware updates and when might the first updates be available?

    When using the Sennheiser Smart Control app, you will receive a notification once a new firmware release is available. The app will guide you through the update process. The firmware update will be installed over-the-air via the Bluetooth wireless connection. If you don't hear sound after a firmware update has completed, you can try restarting the earbuds.

    Additionally, you can check for the current firmware release status in the Smart Control app’s settings.

    How can I adjust the earbuds to a comfortable volume or make them louder?

    For smartphones that feature “absolute volume control” such as the Apple iPhone, there is only one volume control available, so you can either use the smartphone’s or MOMENTUM True Wireless volume control.

    For some Android smartphones there is a separate volume control for the Bluetooth headset and for the Android smartphone. Increase the smartphone’s volume to maximum volume. Now, to increase volume, tap and hold the touchpad of the right earbud until the volume has reached a comfortable level, or you hear the voice prompt “Volume max”.

    Furthermore, you might not be able to perceive the full volume of the MOMENTUM True Wireless because the earphones currently do not fit correctly. Please use the appropriate size of ear adapters so they fit snugly in your ear canal and completely seal your ears and follow the quick guide on how to place the earbuds into your ears.

    Why don’t the left and right earbuds show the same battery levels or charge at the same rate?

    It is normal that the earbuds would show different battery levels even if they are always used and charged together. Since the right earbud is the ‘master’ earbud that establishes the Bluetooth connection to your device, it might drain slightly faster than the left one. When fully charged, the right earbud provides a four-hour battery time, ensuring that the full MOMENTUM True Wireless system offers the specified four hours of play time. The left earbud drains more slowly and therefore provides more than four hours of battery time on a single charge. Therefore, both earbuds will last for the full four-hour cycle if they have been fully charged, even if their battery status may differ.

    Furthermore, the left earbud might discharge below a battery status of 80% before it begins to recharge in the charging case. Therefore, depending on the time at which the earbud is removed from the charging case, they may not be charged to 100%. This behavior only occurs with the left earbud. However, due to the slower battery drainage of the left earbud, you will still be able to use them for a full four-hour cycle of playback time.

    What should I do if the earbuds do not switch off when placed in the charging case?

    When the earbuds are placed in the charging case, they switch off automatically. In order to detect that the earbuds have been placed in the charging case, there needs to be some battery power left in the charging case. When the charging case’s battery is empty, the earbuds will not switch off automatically. The case has a standby charge time of up to a week.
    Charge the case via USB-C to switch off the earbuds.
    When the earbuds are disconnected from a Bluetooth source, they will switch off automatically after 15 minutes.
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  2. subguy812
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  3. Arthur Li
    Are the 7mm drivers within Momentum True Wireless based on the flagship model IE800S' drivers?
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  4. Weaves
    Will the next version have LDAC?
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  5. Sennheiser
    Thanks for your questions! We’re working on collecting answers, while also getting ready for Munich High End this week!
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Sennheiser https://twitter.com/SennheiserUSA http://www.instagram.com/sennheiser https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
  6. C_Lindbergh
    I really liked the actual sound quality of these, but given the price it lacked so much features and have a lot of problems with battery drain, connection etc.

    Are you working on the next version? Personally I want, better EQ (more options, presets etc), better battery, customizable gestures etc, better ambient mode.

    You got the basics right with the SQ/design, but still a lot of work left.
  7. winterhalter
    I got the MTW yesterday from the Sennheiser store in San Francisco and am very happy with it so far; the sound quality is phenomenal compared to the B&O Beoplay E8 2.0 I returned the same day. It even outpaces my wired SE420 and HEM8 in certain ways.

    Wish list for version 2:
    • Smaller case + wireless charging + improved battery level indicator(s)
    • Microphones that work (Call quality is bad + voice assistants often fail)
    • Proper Bluetooth 5 to each earbud rather than relay from right unit
    • Faster response to touch input
    • Longer battery life
    UPDATE: Added the CP360 SpinFit tips and definitely recommend them for the MTW. The included Small tips were fine but the Medium SpinFits create a perfect seal and are more comfortable. Also turned off the voice assistant tap completely which makes passthrough audio activation more consistent.

    TWO WEEK UPDATE: Still astonished by the sound quality. Very comfortable and secure; never any issues.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  8. guido
    anyone compare the sound to the Havit G1s?
  9. guido
    wow..they sound really good...better than I expected by far..:smile_phones:
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  10. guido
    does anyone else have the issue of the battery levels going down when in the case and not in use?
  11. winterhalter
    Yes, this is a known issue unfortunately. It doesn’t affect me often since I use them and charge them almost every day but it’s a drag when you go to use ‘em after a week and they’re dead.
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  12. Sennheiser
    This is a trade-off, the Momentum True Wireless go into a "standby" mode instead of fully off so that they reconnect to your source and eachother faster. We believed you would want to use the Momentums every day or two, and on standby the battery will last (from full) for about a week. We're happy to read that you are pleased with the sound, our product engineers worked hard on them!

    There always has to be a balance between battery life, driving power (amp) for sound quality, connection strength, and processing power (Bluetooth codec decoding, latency, and responsiveness). We also use NFMI to connect the two earbuds because it has advantages in transmission (not blocked by the body) and lower power consumption in our testing for the earpieces and the source device (like a smartphone) compared to multiple synced bluetooth connections. A replacement version of the Momentum would come after the hardware has substantially improved, for example we wouldn't make the Momentums heavier by adding a larger battery but rather seek more efficient electronics. We're glad to read you've made it your own, and are sharing tips! Most of all, however, we are glad to read that the sound quality is pleasing to you!
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Sennheiser https://twitter.com/SennheiserUSA http://www.instagram.com/sennheiser https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
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  13. C_Lindbergh
    @Sennheiser Why can't you simply admit that the first version of the MTW is extremely flawed in its design? I*ve tried various other true wireless without any problems regarding battery draining, also the new Sony doesn't seem to suffer from any battery drain problems.

    All we get is lame excuses. that everything is fine and what not. Before I returned mine there were countless of times when I really wanted to use them, but it turns out that the battery was dead (despite that they been recently charged). Also waited for various firmware updates that didn't solve anything in this regard.

    Maybe if you launch a new version with the latest Qualcomm chip, were each earbud is connected independently, that might be the answer to the battery drain problem?

    It's such a shame really, cause these were the best sounding True Wireless I've ever heard, but they're simply too unreliable.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
  14. truelies
    Does the firmware 1.26 fix the battery problem? I am the earliest one post on this forum on MTW, and bought it when it was out. Turns out it has great sound, but a terrible can't turn off problem. I will not buy any new product on Sennheiser in the future.

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