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Sennheiser Pop-up Store in S.F. and NYC

  1. HiFiGuy528
    If you're looking to try some Sennheiser headphones and you're in S.F. or NYC area, stop by their pop-up store.  I went to check out the S.F. store and had a blast.  I have plans to go again with a group of my friends.  Perhaps we can do a mini Head-Fi meet???  :)
    Check out my pics.  :)
    10353712_10152856326829817_5988310157129979400_n.jpg 10696305_10152856320634817_7280835902561458628_n.jpg
    IMG_0382.jpg IMG_0330.jpg
    IMG_0295.jpg IMG_0298.jpg
    IMG_0300.jpg IMG_0303.jpg
    IMG_0314.jpg IMG_0317.jpg
    IMG_0323.jpg IMG_0306.jpg
    popup2.jpg popup5.jpg
    IMG_0301.jpg IMG_0296.jpg
    IMG_0335.jpg IMG_0349.jpg
    IMG_0354.jpg IMG_0356.jpg
    IMG_0337.jpg IMG_0322.jpg
    IMG_0341.jpg IMG_0377.jpg
  2. Bill-P
    Well, I'm down for a mini meet some time before Christmas.
    I don't expect there to be room to bring lots of gears, so it'll mostly be a get-together, yeah?
  3. OrcaFish
    I am new to the hi-fi and head-fi world but I am in the SF bay area and would love going down to those Sennheiser stores to check them out.  I'd look forward to meeting some awesome people and checking out some of those new Urbanites

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